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Bad for You (Lone Star Lovers, #9)

I loved the premise of this book; it’s not a second chance romance so much as it is a second chance for our hero to treat the heroine right. It reads like an enemies to lovers story with conflict between these two throughout much of the book. I enjoyed it but it’s not my favorite in the series; the pacing was a little off for me and it disrupted the romance.

The story follows Aimee, a former chubby and nerdy girl who met Brandon when she was young. Aimee’s mom was Brandon’s mom’s caretaker in her final days before passing, and Brandon used to bully Aimee because of it. To him, she represented an extremely painful time in his life and he was unfairly mean to her. Now that years have passed, they become coworkers at a hospital. Old feelings resurface and it’s easy for Aimee to hate Brandon, but he sees the woman she’s blossomed into and can’t help but be attracted. Sparks fly as they deal with their new dynamic and get to know each other as adults.

Taylor Holloway’s writing is consistently good, so I knew I was in for an enjoyable read. There’s chemistry and heat and deep emotion as with all her books, but the pacing threw me off. It felt like things combusted very quickly and then there was an awkward period where there’s no forward movement. I would’ve loved a little slower of a burn to really feel the chemistry before it explodes, and then for these two to move forward but that’s really not what happened. All in all, I liked the book and will definitely continue with the series but my connection to the characters wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. I received a free copy via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Bad for You by Taylor Holloway. My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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