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The Starlet (Hollywood Lust, #3)

This one just wasn’t for me. The premise was intriguing and I’ve never heard of this author before, so I thought I’d give the book a chance. And there is a lot to like – costars who don’t know if the sparks they’re feeling from the other are for the screen or real, chemistry, and plenty of heat. But the vast majority of the book focuses on their sex life and drama with a stalker, leaving very little time for these two to actually get to know each other. It also takes an unexpected turn for the kinky and becomes a somewhat dom/sub relationship, which took a book that I was already on the fence about and made it quickly go downhill.

The story follows Elena, an actress about to start a sexy new role. When Bradley auditions for the part of her costar, sparks fly immediately and she knows that might be trouble since they’ll be filming plenty of steamy scenes. As they spend time together, the lust between them quickly becomes apparent but neither is sure how the other is truly feeling and they don’t want to mess with their working relationship. When Elena discovers she has a stalker, Brad steps in and helps her deal with the situation, making it impossible to ignore what’s between them.

I definitely enjoyed the first half more than the second; it has a light, sexy feel that focuses on the chemistry between these two. As the book moved forward, that’s where it started to lose me. The stalker is a huge storyline, but the kink is as well. Around the time Brad started calling Elena a good girl and gave her a real O on screen, I started to disconnect from the book. There’s nothing specifically bad about it, it’s just much more about the lust than anything else and dom/sub relationships really aren’t for me. Go into it with open eyes and perhaps you’ll enjoy it more than I did. I received a free copy via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The Starlet by Cara Wade. My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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