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The Husband Checklist

There’s just something about Jasmin Miller’s writing style that makes the sweetness and lightness of her stories shine. Featuring two characters who are easy to like, feelings that run deep, and sexual tension that’s on point, The Husband Checklist is a brother’s best friend/friends to lovers story that has plenty of heart. While I would’ve loved the book a lot more had it been a slower burn, I still enjoyed reading about this couple’s journey from lifelong friends to lovers.

The story follows Julia, a woman who flees to her brother’s apartment after a bad breakup. Expecting to crash with her brother, his best friend (and roommate) answers the door instead. Julia and Carter have known each other for years, but they lost touch after the death of her parents. She’s been grieving ever since, losing pieces of herself along the way. It’s Julia’s breakup that sparks her to better herself and reclaim her life, creating a checklist of things she wants to work on to improve her chances of finding a good guy. While Carter doesn’t think Julia needs to change anything, he agrees to help in her journey. History has taught Carter that there is no such thing as lasting love, but spending time with Julia makes it tough to remember why he should be staying away from her.

The writing is great – while the book addresses some heavier subjects, the overall tone is light and fun. I loved how these two were so compatible from the start. They’ve been friends for a long time so there is a natural level of comfort between them, and the chemistry was apparent from the beginning. Where the book lost me a bit (because this is a major pet peeve of mine) is when Julia and Carter thought they could sleep together without getting feelings involved – despite the fact that they’ve crushed on each other for years. It’s a trope that I personally cannot stand, but Miller handles the complexities of that well. This of course leads to some tension and bumps along the way for our couple, which started to add up over time. All in all, it’s a solid book though not my favorite by Miller. Many thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC. I am voluntarily leaving a review of this sweet/steamy romance.

The Husband Checklist by Jasmin Miller. My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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