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No Broken Beast

Oh this hero is beastly all right! That is one intense, emotional, suspenseful, and deeply romantic book. Anyone who has read the other books in this series knows that while Nicole Snow’s books always have an element of suspense, that’s taken up another notch in Heart’s Edge. While this can technically be read as a standalone, this definitely builds on the previous two books and since the suspense is a HUGE component of No Broken Beast, you’ll probably be pretty lost without that background information. I generally prefer my suspense in smaller doses, but I’ve got to admit that the romance in this one makes the journey worth it. Snow’s writing is really great, our hero has been beaten but he refuses to break, and our couple was strong from the start.

The story follows Clarissa, a single mom who is originally from Heart’s Edge. When she was 18, she fell for the gentle giant, Leo. He always had a tortured side to him, but Leo was nothing but fantastic to her. They fell hard and fast, sneaking around and sharing a forbidden romance. After tragedy struck, Clarissa fled town and Leo went into hiding. Their feelings never went away, but circumstances kept them apart… until Clarissa’s sister goes missing. Back in town for the first time in years, Clarissa comes face to face with Leo. But he’s not the same man she left behind; there are rumors all over town of the monster that is known as Nine, and he seems to have fully embraced his animalistic qualities. Underneath it all still beats the heart of the man who once loved her without hesitation, but love might not be enough to overcome all of the obstacles in their path.

Since I’ve read the other books in this series, I knew Leo’s story was going to be a complex one. He’s a great guy who life hasn’t been kind to, and his actions have left many to wonder about his sanity. There is a definite beastly quality to this deeply tortured hero, but I never questioned his feelings for Clarissa. This isn’t so much a story about them falling in love as it is them finding their way back to each other. Snow incorporates plenty of flashbacks to get the reader up to speed on their backstory, which help paint the full picture. Their love is certainly a complicated one, and feelings run deep from the beginning. It’s an intense connection, with some scorching hot scenes that emphasize Leo’s animalistic nature. There is a LOT of suspense in the story, enough that if I wasn’t loving Clarissa and Leo’s relationship so much, probably would’ve overwhelmed the book. It all comes together in one extremely satisfying read though. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

No Broken Beast by Nicole Snow. My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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