⭐️⭐️ Not at all romantic

We Met in December

So… that was painful to read. I hate to be a downer because there are some cute moments in the book, but our “couple” is actually just a pair of roommates who SLEEP WITH OTHER PEOPLE for nearly the entire book – literally in the room next door to each other. I get that the premise of the book is that Jess has to watch Alex with another woman while she has unrequited feelings for him, but that’s not really what happened here. Alex went through a tough breakup and isn’t ready to start something serious, so he likes and starts falling for Jess during the day then sleeps with another woman at night and Jess has to wear earplugs so she doesn’t have to hear it. And not just for a small portion of the book – there are other people in the way of them being together until the final chapters. That’s… too much for me.

I could really go off on a rant about how cringeworthy it is that these two fall in love while having sex with other people, so instead I will mention what I DID like about the book. The writing itself was fine (if not a bit drawn out) – the descriptions of London really paint the scene, and the characters are well developed. I like the concept of two housemates falling in love even if the execution didn’t work for me. The romance itself is really understated; most of Jess and Alex’s time together is spent during their walks of London and there’s a serious lack of chemistry between them. There’s no explicit sex so it’s clean, but I find it difficult to believe that anyone who prefers a clean romance would appreciate the other woman/man drama. Ultimately, this one wasn’t for me, but I appreciated receiving an ARC from NetGalley. I am voluntarily leaving a review.

We Met in December by Rosie Curtis. My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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