⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Heavy on the comedy

Would Like to Meet

A comedy with a side of romance, this light and fun book is filled with classic rom com tropes and meet cutes that will make you nostalgic for your favorite movies of years past. It’s well written (if not a bit long), and features a feisty heroine who meets her match in the most unexpected way. I loved every part of the romance, I just wish it had been featured more prominently.

The story follows Evie, an aspiring screenwriter who has been working as an assistant for much longer than is acceptable in the industry. She quickly discovers she’s at a make or break moment in her career – her boss’s star writer needs to get out of his funk and write a new screenplay, or the business is in trouble. If Evie helps Ezra, she gets a promotion; if not, she’ll be looking for a new job. With that in mind, Evie goes about recreating classic rom com meet cutes to help with inspiration, meeting a man and his daughter who watch all of her antics take place.

While I think this is well written, I’ll openly admit that it dragged for me. I was expecting more of a rom com feel, but it’s much more a comedy and it takes awhile to truly get going. Once our hero began showing up more frequently, my enjoyment of the book increased exponentially. It’s a sweet, clean, feel good romance that develops slowly and takes a backseat to the screenplay storyline. The interactions between Evie and her guy put a smile on my face, and made the whole story worth a read. Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with an ARC. I am voluntarily leaving a review of this heartwarming and funny book.

Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters. My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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