⭐️⭐️ Missed the mark

I’m gonna be honest and say this was kind of all over the place. Aubrey Wright’s books are usually pretty solid with the occasional miss, and this is without a doubt one of those misses. These two former sweethearts jump into bed (or should I say onto the doctor’s exam table) with very little conversation first, have a series of miscommunications, then wind up expecting a child together (as the title indicates). All that adds up to a romance that wasn’t all that satisfying.

The story follows Nate, a doctor returning to his hometown to cover his father’s patients while he recuperates from an injury. Nate left town – and his high school girlfriend – without looking back after a death in the family ten years ago. It isn’t long before he runs into Eve, his former flame, and the sparks fly between them immediately. She’s a ballerina in the middle of a career crisis, and Nate is the doctor assigned to oversee her injury.

Nate broke Eve’s heart 10 years ago, yet somehow she’s willing to overlook that and jeopardize her career for a sexy hookup in the doctor’s office without so much as an explanation or apology first (despite the fact that she hasn’t had sex since he left town). The whole thing didn’t strike me as particularly romantic, and there isn’t much about the story that changed my initial impression. Things remain mostly sexual, and the pacing doesn’t do any favors in building up the relationship. I can definitely see where Wright was trying to go with the story, but the execution wasn’t there. I’ve read much better books by the author so I’m really not sure what happened with this one. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


First he took my V-card. Now he’s delivering our baby?
Well, this is one hell of a second chance.

Nate Winthrop.
The cocky rich boy I’ve hated for years.
He was also my first…everything.

I was the daughter of his family’s housekeeper.
His mother did not approve of us.
When a tragic accident left his family in shambles,
Mommy dearest blamed me.

Ten years later, he’s back in our small town.
An Adonis in a white coat.
Walking around swinging his stethoscope.

The first time we hooked up was supposed to be the last.
But the fourth, fifth, and sixth?
Let’s just say all hell’s about to break loose-
when his mom finds out about this teeny, tiny secret I’m carrying.

Uh-oh, Doc, special delivery in Exam Room 1!

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