⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great banter and chemistry

I absolutely love Lauren Blakely’s writing, and when she brings on the funny her books get even better. The banter, playfulness and chemistry in this jump off the page, making it a light and quick read that’s sure to put a smile on your face. In fact, my only complaint would be that it’s so comedy-focused that the relationship lacks depth. Yes, these two do some serious flirting but their relationship doesn’t evolve to the extent I would’ve liked.

The story follows Amy, a woman who works in the publishing industry. She’s hoping to get a promotion and wants to remain focused on work, but the new guy at the office makes that an impossible task. Linc is a sexy nerd – he loves books, pop culture and ping pong is his sport of choice. The two get along almost TOO well, considering neither one wants to date a coworker. When Amy puts together an online profile for her friend and begins to screen the responses, she strikes up a conversation with the perfect guy… for her. And things reach a new level of complicated when that guy turns out to be Linc.

Let me just say – I LOVED Linc. He’s a relationship kinda guy, so sweet and playful but he knows when to bring the sexy. I didn’t connect to Amy to the same extent, probably because of her penchant for one night stands and her inadvertent deception while using the dating app, but it wasn’t enough to prevent me from enjoying the story. This book just reminded me why I like Blakely’s writing so much. There were countless pop culture references, incredible banter, and the use of texting to advance the story in a major way. Had the relationship been developed more fully (or been at the forefront of the story earlier on), this would EASILY have been a 5-star read for me. I am so looking forward to seeing what’s next from this series!


I was only trying to help a friend. I swear. I was legit asking for a friend who was finally ready to date again.

I knew what she wanted in a man — smart, funny, ambitious, well-read (no, the sports section doesn’t count), and plays a wicked game of badminton.

So I did what any good friend would do. Posted it for her. It seemed like a good idea at the time — I’d weed through the candidates, and bring her my top picks.

But then he responded. 

Is it wrong to date the guy I screened for my bestie? Not asking for a friend.

ASKING FOR A FRIEND is a Boyfriend Material series standalone! Three best friends. Three outrageous proposals. Three chances to fall in love. Three brand new standalones from Lauren Blakely!

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