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Bloom saved the best for last! I loved this light and funny rom com. It’s a playful spin on an enemies to lovers romance featuring two former friends who crushed on each other in high school but let insecurities pull them apart. While I liked Rich’s serious personality and Cade’s over the top humor, it’s Nick who really stole the show with this series. He’s a genuinely nice, kinda nerdy guy (and isn’t a manwhore!) who has harbored feelings for Miranda for too long to let anything stand in the way of her happiness. I loved their chemistry and the funny but not outlandish feel of the story. Penelope Bloom hit it out of the rom com park with this one.

The story follows Miranda, the last woman standing in her group of friends. They all made a pact to steer clear of the King brothers, but her friends have since coupled up and left Miranda as the only one stewing about the past. She was friends with Nick in high school and had a crush on him for the longest time, but a misunderstanding led him to briefly date her friend instead, ruining their relationship. Seven years have passed, and Miranda’s life seemed pretty great… up until recently. She just got out of a relationship, lost her job, and now finds herself working closely with the man she most wanted to avoid. As these two spend time together, they hash out old issues while remembering all the reasons they clicked so well in the past.

If you’re looking for a light and easy read with plenty of humor, this is the book for you. There’s nothing groundbreaking about the storyline, but it’s executed well and will hold your attention from start to finish. Bloom excels when she’s writing romantic comedies, knowing when to bring on the laughs while also building up the relationship. Now that the King brothers have all met their match, I’m excited to see what’s next from this author. I received an ARC via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review of this funny book.


The third novel in USA Today bestselling author Penelope Bloom’s Anyone But… series sizzles with a sexy and hilarious story about letting go of the past to chase the love of a lifetime.

Seven years ago, I swore I’d never date Nick King. Ever.

Now I’m supposed to work under him—and no, despite the way he glares like he wants to strip me bare, I mean he’ll be my boss. But what better way to prove I’m really over him, right?

I was a nerdy overachiever in high school, and Nick was my hopeless crush. I even laminated a note he passed to me; granted, I had a thing for laminators, but that’s beside the point.

Now, my only shot at getting my life back on track is to crawl to him on my knees and pray I nail the interview. Maybe I should pray that’s the only thing that gets nailed in his office—especially since he looks like he wants to devour me.

Nick broke my heart once. But hey, I’m still pretty handy with a laminator. Maybe I could run my heart through one before I take this job.

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