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Definitely a more successful reimagining of one of Blakely’s early works than The Pretending Plot, The Second Chance Plan feels much more like the Lauren Blakely we know and love today, with some solid banter and text conversations. Where that book is a 4-star read that leans towards 3 stars, this one is a 4-star read that easily could’ve been 5 stars with just a little more depth. I loved the sweetness of this second chance romance (it definitely doesn’t have the same heat level as you’ll find in some of Blakely’s newer works). These two will give you all the feels, but a little more communication and a little more depth of emotion would’ve made this even better.

The story follows Kat, a college student working on her business degree. As one of her final requirements for her coursework, she’ll be mentored by someone already in the field, who will give her advice on taking her jewelry business to the next level. The only problem? Kat’s new mentor is her first love, Bryan, also known as the guy who broke her heart five years ago. As the two start a professional relationship, it’s impossible to ignore that there’s still chemistry and attraction between them – but Kat still isn’t sure why Bryan decided to end things all those years ago. Mixing flashbacks with present day, we see the highs and lows of their relationship.

There’s a lot of “modern” Lauren Blakely in here, with the great dialogue and layered chemistry. I genuinely liked both of these characters and wanted them to work things out. A few things definitely still felt like “vintage” Blakely, because I know she does a better job making the relationships feel substantial these days (it’s a brother’s best friend story where the brother doesn’t find out, they don’t talk about the breakup until the final act, etc). That being said, I enjoyed it from start to finish and the fast-paced nature of the book made it easy to read in one sitting. I received an ARC via Candi Kane PR and am voluntarily leaving a review of this sweet second chance romance.


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely comes a second chance romance that’ll make your heart feel good!

I have a big plan for my career and it most certainly doesn’t involve my ex. AKA my first love. It definitely doesn’t entail working with him every day on a brand-new project for my jewelry line.

And it absolutely doesn’t include falling for the man all over again. But the trouble is, he’s kind, charming and so darn smart. Not to mention easy on the eyes. And thoughtful, too. Also, he wants to get to know me again. To take me out for coffee, to chat on the phone, to go to museums.

It’s a dizzying, delicious courtship, but I don’t know if my heart can handle this from the man who broke it to pieces once upon a time… Or am I willing to risk everything for a second chance at first love?

Author’s Note: In 2013, I wrote CAUGHT UP IN US, and though it’s no longer available for sale, the characters of Kat and Bryan seemed to demand another chance in the spotlight. THE SECOND CHANCE PLAN is a reimagining of their second chance romance, with 70 percent brand-new material, vastly expanded characterizations, and his POV woven into the story, so you can come to know and love Kat and Bryan at their best, like I do. Enjoy!

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