⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shaky start, OK ending

Though this gets off to a rocky start, it finds its footing along the way. I cannot recommend it as a standalone – there are just too many references to the overarching storyline for that – but fans of the series will enjoy seeing the final brother get his HEA. While this did get better as it went on, I’ll admit to feeling like I missed out on them falling for each other. Owen and Hannah’s relationship was touched on in the previous books, but here it’s summarized in a few pages during the prologue, then the story takes a different direction. To me, the falling is the best part of a romance, so feeling like I missed that put a major dent on my enjoyment. Owen also makes an offhanded comment early on in the book that tarnished my opinion of him and would’ve caused me to DNF the book had I not committed to reading an ARC. That being said, things got better as they went along and I was happy to get some answers about the overarching mystery.

The story follows Hannah, the co-owner of an adult summer camp, and Owen, a wealthy guy who spent months concealing his true identity while working at the camp. They started to fall for each other, but when Hannah revealed that she still has her v-card, Owen got skittish and bolted without looking back. A few months later, and they come face to face, both wanting to rekindle what they started. The only difference is that now things are out in the open – Hannah knows about Owen’s wealth, and Owen knows that he’d be doing an injustice to Hannah by just starting up a casual fling.

This series has been shaky for me – I didn’t love the first book, but I was invested enough in the mystery to read the second. The second was good enough to have me picking up this one, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I can’t see myself continuing on with the series if there are more books. The writing isn’t strong enough to overcome the deficiencies in the plot, so the connection isn’t there. Please note that there is some triggering content in this, but it’s not the focus of the book. I received an ARC via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Summer camp is for lovers in this fun, sexy read from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Sanders.

For Hannah Rodgers, running an adult summer camp with her four best friends is the ideal distraction from her controlling family. She’s worked hard to become her own woman, but now her parents want to marry her off for business reasons. What is this, the Middle Ages? Hannah would much rather enjoy the sunny delights of camp and flirt with Owen Costa, the hunky help.

But Owen has his own scheme working behind those beautiful brown eyes: he and his brothers finagled camp jobs with the hope of tracking down their father, an eccentric billionaire prone to sudden disappearances. Though Owen was suspicious of the new camp owners at first, his relationship with Hannah deepens, and he gets waylaid from his mission.

But Owen’s troubles soon resurface, and duty calls him away just as Hannah shares a delicate secret, leaving her shattered. Can they get over their complicated lives long enough to enjoy the romance they both want?

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