⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Exactly what I want from Nicole Snow

BEST I’ve read from Nicole Snow, that’s for sure! I loved how much focus there was on the romance in this one – though there was still plenty of drama and pulse-pounding action along the way. It feels like now that the mystery of Nine has been resolved, we can just sit back and enjoy the people of this small town and the trouble they get into. For those who haven’t read the other books in the series, this makes a great place to start, because it easily stands on its own and doesn’t rely on the reader understanding the complicated history of the town. With characters that are easy to like and a romance that goes from a slow burn to a SIZZLE, this has everything I want in a book from Nicole Snow.

The story follows Blake, a battered and broken down single dad/widower whose sole focus is making sure that his teenage daughter and the town is taken care of. When a feisty masseuse comes into town and seems to bring trouble (and fires) with her, the two have an instant attraction that’s only dampened by Blake’s moody, broody nature. He struggles with his growing feelings for Peace, but she slowly wears him down until there’s no denying that they’re meant for more.

I always enjoy Nicole Snow’s romantic suspenses, but they’re often a little heavy on the suspense for me or require the reader to understand the overarching storyline that connects the novels. This was so much easier for me to get into – it’s 100% relationship-focused with a subplot that features mystery, drama, and ultimately, suspense without overshadowing the romance. I’ll admit to being intimated by the length – yeah, it’s definitely too long – but there wasn’t ever really a lull or a point where I felt like the story was dragging. My connection to the characters was strong enough that I stayed interested the whole time – Blake makes a great hero with his tender side but definite growly alpha nature that Snow writes so well. Though there’s a significant age gap between the two, I loved that Blake and Peace felt like equals and the age was never really a factor. If this is the direction that Snow is going with her Heart’s Edge series, then keep them coming – and I know who I want to read about next. I received a free copy via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Fearless firefighter. Mesmerizing voice. Damaged single dad.
Stick a freaking fork in me…

There’s a reason he’s called Mr. Silver Tongue.
Blake Silverton could sweet talk an angel into sin.
Fierce small-town fire chief. Rough velvet voice. Drop dead gorgeous.
Don’t even get me started on the tortured single dad thing.

Wintering in Heart’s Edge isn’t a choice when my van goes kaboom!
Neither is gawking at the human bulldozer who keeps charging to my rescue.
If only we could stop butting heads.
But I’m a healer. What’s wrong with offering a grumpasaurus a massage?

I’m hardly obsessed.
I’m not tuning into his radio love line every single night.
That charred lump of coal he calls a heart isn’t that fascinating.
I can handle one itsy bitsy insta-wildfire kiss.
Those fires some arsonist punk keeps setting around town, though…

Fine. I know I don’t belong in Blake’s desperado world.
Only, he won’t let me go until I’m safe.
Some men wear Bad Idea on their sleeve.
But sometimes the heart falls hard for damaged goods.
Hold me.

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – cupid slaps some sense into one small-town protector who swore he’d never love again. Witness an ultra broody hero man coming back to life for the spitfire he can’t live without. Full-length standalone romance novel with a bold shot of Happily Ever After.

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