Best of February

2020 has been a stellar year for romance, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. I read so many great books in January that I thought there was no way February could compare… but that was definitely not the case. There were fantastic new releases from some of my very favorite authors (Rachel Van Dyken, Adriana Locke, Meghan Quinn), authors who made me love their work even more (Ilsa Madden-Mills, J. Nathan, Karina Halle, J. Saman), and new-to-me authors whose work blew me away (Meagan Brandy, Ella James). This is one of those months where I really struggled to narrow down the field, but ultimately these are the six new releases that made my February.

Fake it ‘Til You Break it by Meagan Brandy: This was my introduction to Brandy’s work, but you can bet it won’t be the last I read from her. Intense and emotional, this new adult romance rides the line between light and dark, with compelling, complex characters and a relationship that evolves along the way. What starts as an enemies to lovers/fake relationship romance turns into a deep and sexy read. It’s probably my favorite book of the month. Read the review here.

Hate You Not by Ella James: Another new-to-me author, I picked this one up because I love enemies to lovers romances. These two are more adversaries than enemies, but I loved the small town feel and opposites attract vibe of the book (it inspired this week’s list!). There’s so much good dialogue and chemistry that sparks off the page. I was hooked from start to finish and can’t wait to read more from James in the future. Read the review here.

Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills: I’ve read books by Madden-Mills before, but nothing has stayed with me quite like this one. A high school romance that focuses on some difficult subjects, this is a story of healing and moving forward. It’s got so much depth to the relationship, a strong heroine and a hero I absolutely loved. One of the first books I read this month, it has unwaveringly remained on my short list of favorite February romances – there was no question that it was making this list. Read the review here.

Trouble by Adriana Locke: When I start a book by Locke, I know I’m in for some incredible banter, chemistry that sizzles, and a light feel with shots of angst. This one was no different – I loved the playful playboy hero and the heroine who keeps him on his toes. It tugged at my heartstrings and made me smile all at once. Read the review here.

Treyton by J. Nathan: The kind of book you read in one sitting, Treyton flies by. It’s light with hints of angst, featuring a troubled musician and the woman who cleans up his messes. I loved what a great guy our hero turned out to be – once we get to know him better, there’s no denying the goodness that lies within. Read the review here.

Disavow by Karina Halle: There’s nothing quite like an antihero getting his redemption, and that’s exactly what happens in this book. The first two books in this suspenseful and seductive series didn’t paint our “hero” in the best light, but that all changes here. He’s always going to be a complicated man, but our heroine reveals the heart he tries to hide from the world. It’s a powerful and sexy conclusion to the series. Read the review here.

My March reading is already underway and it’s shaping up to be another great month. There are new rom coms coming from Max Monroe and Pippa Grant, a sexy second chance romance from Lauren Blakely, sports romances from Kendall Ryan and Meghan Quinn, angsty reads from Corinne Michaels, Winter Renshaw, and Kristen Callihan – just to name a few. Stayed tuned for all the latest details.

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