⭐️⭐️ Slow start leads to disconnect

This definitely had its moments but unfortunately they were few and far between. A story about accepting yourself for who you are, it takes awhile to work itself into anything more than over the top comedy, and I’d already disconnected from the story at that point. There is some fun banter and a lively, unpredictable heroine, but that’s sort of all that worked for me.

The story follows Emma, a woman in her thirties who fled home after being left at the altar. She’s never quite fit the typical mold of what a woman “should” be like, so she’s spent the last 7 years traveling and avoiding any commitments. Deciding it’s time to get serious and return to the real world, she has one last wild night with Nick, a sexy stranger. They connect in a way she hasn’t with anyone else, and upon returning home, Emma looks back on their night with increasing fondness.

I will say that the book is funny – sometimes in a cringeworthy way, but it’s a huge part of the story. The problem lies with Emma and her guy. Emma’s not all that easy to like (she lies, self-deprecates, and is blind to what’s in front of her), while her guy is easy to like but not at all easy to read. This is told exclusively from Emma’s perspective, so we never get a real sense of who her guy is, and trouble lurks around every corner. It’s more a comedy of errors than a true romance, and then ending was cute but wholly unsatisfying. If you’re looking for a laugh but don’t need a heavy element of romance, this might work better for you – and it does improve along the way – but don’t expect to connect to the love story beneath it all. I received an ARC via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.


You will LOVE this wonderfully warm-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny romantic comedy for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and Sophie Kinsella.

Emma Londstown spent her twenties travelling, and now needs to make up for lost time. All her friends are married, having babies, and settling into domestic bliss. Determined to catch up, Emma plunges herself headfirst into the online dating world, and discovers single men in Sydney are one of three things; tossers, illiterate, or nerds that work in IT (she must be sending out subtle hints in binary code.)

This story, set in the bustling city of Sydney, is a humorous, light-hearted novel for every woman who has ever wanted to find The One. With a clear underlying message – be yourself.

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