COVER REVEAL + GIVEAWAY: Bourbon on the Rocks by Shari J. Ryan

I kinda love this cover for the upcoming release by Shari J. Ryan! Though I’m more familiar with Ryan’s rom coms, I was introduced to her serious side with the first book in this series, Bourbon Love Notes. That book was emotional and moving, a story about finding love after loss. This is a standalone – though it will read better as a series – and will tug on your heartstrings with a more enemies to lovers feel. Get the details about the plot below – releases April 6th! I’ve also included my review of Bourbon Love Notes and a GoodReads GIVEAWAY link.

Kindle Edition:


Life isn’t a game.
Life isn’t an empty bottle of bourbon spinning on a warehouse floor as I hold my breath.

I feel weak when others perceive me as strong.
I’m passionate though I appear to hate the world around me.
I see beauty in all ugly things.
I feel pain when I laugh.

No one knows the truth.
Well, no one knew the truth until now.
Somehow, Brody Pearson understands more about me than anyone else in my life. The severed connection should mean something significant, but I don’t know if I can forget all my self-proclaimed promises.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Finding love after loss

Emotional and often heavy, this romance shows that tragedy doesn’t have to mean the end of all life. As a fan of Shari J. Ryan’s romantic comedies, I was surprised by the heaviness of this book but not by the quality of the writing itself. It’s all well done and very realistic, which means that it’s an emotional gut punch, may trigger some readers, and our heroine is sometimes abrasive or difficult to connect to because of all that she’s going through. This is definitely for those who like an angsty, heavier read.

The story follows Melody, a woman whose long term relationship grew stagnant a few years ago. It isn’t until she finds out that her father is terminally ill that she decides to finally end things and move home. On the plane ride, she encounters a guy who seems vaguely familiar, though she doesn’t puzzle out who he is until she returns home. Brett was her childhood crush, an all-around good guy, and one of the only people to step up and help her family in their time of need. As Melody struggles with the impending loss of her father, she also slowly connects with Brett.

This is a whole new side of Ryan’s work for me, and while I appreciated the quality of the work, I also struggled with just how heavy a lot of it is. I would’ve liked a few more light moments early on in the book in order to connect with the characters – Melody is obviously not in the best frame of mind, and we don’t get Brett’s perspective on things, so that often made connecting difficult. If you go into this with the right expectations, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy the book a whole lot, just know it’s an emotional ride. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a review of this angsty romance.

Kindle Edition:

Amazon Paperback:

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