⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Rough Edge by Lauren Landish

Get ready to fan yourself, because this is one smoking hot ride. Lauren Landish always brings the sexy, but this is definitely the steamiest book I’ve read from her in a long time. It’s got the small town, country charm of the rest of the series, but Brody is not your momma’s cowboy – he is grumbly, gruff, and burns up the sheets. I loved that our heroine is anything but a girlie girl; Erica is the perfect match for Brody, and together they make for one sexy read.

The story follows Brody, a cowboy whose shoulders have held the burden of family responsibilities for many years. He doesn’t love interacting with people, so when he meets a female mechanic who seems to have a similar mindset, he is instantly attracted. Erica’s focus has been on cars for the last several years, and her attraction to Brody isn’t going to distract her from that. Add in some drama with a case of mistaken identity and an unwanted suitor, and this story has a little of everything.

I don’t read every book Landish releases, but I do enjoy picking them up if I’m in the right mood. Though I’ve read some of the books that features these characters, I’m not current and had no trouble picking up right where I left off. She does country romances in an entirely unique way, mixing a modern, sexy feel with that cowboy vibe. There were a couple of things I didn’t love about this particular storyline (the OW/OM interference and the way their relationship starts so casually), but that’s personal preference and doesn’t reflect any deficiencies in the storyline. The level of steam was higher than I would’ve liked, but that’s partly due to how the relationship progresses. It’s a chemistry-filled read with lots of playfulness and characters who connect in the bedroom before connecting emotionally, and makes a solid addition to the series.

Kindle Edition: https://amzn.to/33UTuRE
Amazon Paperback: https://amzn.to/2JsqXJK


This ain’t no love triangle.

This is people not knowing when to let fate do its thing.

Brody Tannen has been the boss for way too long, putting everyone’s needs above his own.

It’s the way his family farm stood while fate took shot after shot against them.

But now he’s got a chance to figure things out for himself.

Everyone keeps pushing him one way, but deep down he knows which way he should go.

Towards her… Erica Cole, the rough and rowdy woman that’s always been one of the guys.

Except to him.

Brody loves her inappropriate humor and smudges of grease on her cheeks.

He wants nothing more than to be the one who cracks her exterior shell to find the sweetness he’s sure is inside.

Erica Cole has been in a man’s world her entire life.

First in the military, and now, taking over her dad’s mechanic shop.

She’s not the sugar and spice girly type that guy’s normally go for.

She’s grease and engines, snark and bite, responsibilities and expectations.

So when Brody Tannen sets his sights on her, Erica doesn’t know how to handle it.

Not when everyone else thinks she’s destined for a man that does nothing for her.

Erica can’t say the same for the broody, cocky cowboy that saunters into the shop though.

Brody’s tall, dark, and won’t give up, which is a problem because Erica desperately wants to know what’s lurking beneath his hungry gaze.

Even if she should stay far away from the heat he promises.

They both know what they want, but can they stand strong against those who think they know better to get the happily ever after they deserve?


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