⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: To My First and Last One Night Stand by J.S. Cooper

Have you ever read a book that’s so bad that it’s almost good? Like a car wreck you just can’t take your eyes off of? That’s where I’m at with this one. I couldn’t make myself stop reading it, and there were times when I really, really wanted to. But the writing style is actually pretty good; this author could be writing something so much better than this. It’s my first time reading something from J.S. Cooper, and I had no idea what I was in for when I saw that enticing cover and read that playful blurb.

You might be asking yourself what’s so bad about the book. Honestly? There’s a lot. But the hero is the biggest problem. He is… wow, he is something else. This is the Inappropriate Bachelors series, so I expected him to be an incorrigible playboy. But Marco is next level. Saying he can’t remember the last time he slept with someone when he had 3 women in his bed the night before, seeking out other women every time the heroine doesn’t agree to go home with him, all kinds of public acts… the list goes on and on. My respect for the heroine diminished with every page, and while there was a point in the book where I thought there was a possibility that it would turn itself around, it really doesn’t.

That being said, there was a hilarity in the ridiculousness that I kind of enjoyed. For a steamy book (and, yeah, it’s definitely a steamy book), the romance was a much slower burn than I expected it to be. 100% instalove, but they held out longer than I expected. There were moments when I could definitely see the potential for a better story mixed in, and I actually really did love all of the dialogue, the playfulness of the tone, and the general lightness.

But an ideal book boyfriend Marco is not. In addition to the countless scenes of OW drama, the lies and mistakes, there were a few times where I wasn’t completely comfortable with the consent. And while he does KIND OF mature throughout the book, the heroine should’ve left him behind before he had a chance to. So, yeah, this was so ridiculous that it was actually entertaining. I didn’t hate it – I probably should’ve, but I didn’t. I might even check out more of the author’s work in the future if I’m looking for something to brighten up my day a bit. But don’t go into this expecting a book that’s a satisfying romance. I received an ARC via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review of this steamy read.

Kindle Edition Releases June 16th: https://amzn.to/2UG4D5t
Amazon Paperback Out Now: https://amzn.to/2MTVWQI


To Marco (No, I’m not going to add Polo),

Last night was a mistake. A big mistake. Or should I say small? I don’t want to hurt your ego. I should have listened to your sister. You’re insufferable and rude and far too cocky.

Don’t worry. I won’t be telling anyone what happened because as far as I’m concerned it never did. Please stop calling me. I do not need to come and collect my bra from you. Or the t-shirt you lent me to sleep in when I got cold. And no, that one act doesn’t make you a gentleman. Far from it.

Also, I do not need to have your smell near me to fall asleep. In fact, your shirt does the opposite. It gives me nightmares.


P.S. No, I do not want a repeat of last night at my office. I don’t care if that’s your fantasy or not. Stop texting me your fantasies, by the way.

P.P.S. The texts I sent you this morning were drunk texts. I was still hungover. Do not construe them as anything else.

P.P.P.S. Could you have given me any more love bites? There was no need to “mark your territory” because I am not yours!


2 thoughts on “⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: To My First and Last One Night Stand by J.S. Cooper

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  1. That blurb is hilarious, so I’m grateful for your review, because I totally would have picked it up. And probably hated it, because terrible heroes who have issues with consent kill the romance for me.

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    1. That blurb and playful cover had me so hooked! And I’ve seen this author’s books around plenty of times so it seemed like the perfect time to try one. But… WOW. I laughed for all the wrong reasons.

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