GIVEAWAY + COVER REVEAL: Crazy to Love You by J. Saman

I’m… pretty excited about this one! J. Saman’s Wild Minds Duet is on my list of favorite love stories for the year, and this is the followup. Our hero is a man in need of redemption; the brother who made mistakes and ended up losing the girl. Saman didn’t write this hero to be the star of his own book, but somewhere in the middle of the duet, she started loving him. He’s made mistakes and seems to have learned from them, so I am definitely looking forward to his love story! Get all the details about Crazy to Love You below – it releases on September 24th!

Haven’t read the Wild Minds Duet yet? It’s an angsty rock star romance where our heroine spent too many years with the wrong brother (the hero of Crazy to Love You). She grew up with both guys and dated the one who showed an interest, but the rock star lifestyle caught up with him and she moved on. Little did she realize that the quiet brother actually had stronger feelings for her… It’s emotional and full of so much sexual tension; a slow burn that’s sexy and angsty and straddles the line between heavy/light. You can read my review here or grab your copy of the first half here – it’s on sale for just 99 cents at the moment!


I am meeting this woman for one reason and one reason only. And that officially makes her off-limits.

I want the one woman I cannot have. Again.
The second I lay eyes on Naomi Kent, I know I want her. 
And not just for my duet, though her voice is so strikingly beautiful, it can make angels weep. 
It’s her mind, her passion, her perfect curvy body. Everything about her sets my blood on fire.
But here’s the thing… I need her to get this song produced. 
She needs me to help her regain the life she lost. 
So, any chance at an us… Well, that’s a no-go, right? 

I don’t want anything Gus Diamond has to offer me.
And that includes his gorgeous face and sexy-as-all-sin body. Well, maybe I do want those. 
But this duet? Nope. Not a chance. 
I gave up this life when my world shattered and my broken pieces were stomped all over in a very public way. So you can understand why the last thing I want is to relive all that. 
But Gus has this way about him. 
And before I know what’s happening, I’m saying yes to things I know better than to say yes to. 
Including him. 
That is until my past decides to make an unexpected return. With one hell of an entrance. 

CRAZY TO LOVE YOU is a sexy, fun, and emotional forbidden romance with all the feels! It can be read as a standalone.

Preorder for September 24th!

Giveaway from the author!

To celebrate the cover reveal of Crazy to Love You, J. Saman has a giveaway for you! Enter here:

Book One
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Book Two
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