⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: My (Mostly) Fake Wedding by Penelope Bloom

Let’s just say that I had a full rant review written up, and I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. Because I like this author’s books – I’ve read ten of them – but this was BAD. Like, really bad. Like, I only finished it out of morbid curiosity bad. I’ll admit to being a little hesitant after reading the blurb, but every single one of my concerns came to fruition. So, if you’re at all nervous about the blurb, just wait for her next release and pretend this one never happened.

Essentially, the story follows Belle and Chris, two strangers who meet on a plane. Both of them are having stressful days and find the other attractive, so when their knees brush, it’s on. Soon (as in, within 5 minutes of meeting and with essentially no buildup), they’re heading into the bathroom to join the Mile High Club. Following their hookup, things get awkward (Chris puts on headphones and ignores Belle), and then become even more so when Belle realizes that she’s supposed to be planning Chris’ wedding (which she probably should’ve figured out ahead of time).

While this does have plenty of the quirky humor I love about the author’s work, it unravels quickly and often misses its mark. My disconnect was almost immediate. The circumstances surrounding their hookup felt slimy, the aftermath was disgusting, and I lost all hope of liking either character. As an example: immediately after getting off the plane, Chris proposes to another woman, while still smelling of the sex he just had with Belle, as she sits there stunned and pantyless watching the whole thing, unaware that he’s thinking about getting her naked again. There’s even an attempt to play footsie while his fiancée is around. So, yeah, not ideal. Things do improve in the back half, but I had already lost interest at that point. I mainly finished out of curiosity, and that didn’t even feel worth it. Sorry to say that there’s little about this one that worked for me. I appreciated receiving a free copy via Booksprout (and am voluntarily leaving a review), but this was a definite miss for me.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FhdKFp


The first rule about a casual hookup is to have an exit plan.
No strings. No attachments. Get in, get out—euphemism intended.
The lesser known second rule?
Make sure your casual hookup isn’t about to become your wedding planner.
Yeah. Long story.

The wedding was going to be a fake. The only catch was nobody could know. Not even my wedding planner.

Now the wedding planner thinks I’m the world’s biggest bastard. She thinks I’m in love with the woman I’m supposed to marry. She thinks a lot of things, but she doesn’t know the truth.

She’s got no idea she’s going to fall for me by the time this thing is over.

She’s got no idea our little hookup wasn’t meaningless. Not to me, at least.

And worst? She thinks she’s safe around me. She thinks I’m off the market, that there can’t be a repeat because there’s someone else.

There’s nobody else. Just her. And ever since the first taste, I knew she was all there’d ever be.

Author’s Note: Don’t run away from the ultimate playboy. He’s ready to fake marry you so hard . She’s sweet and sassy, he’s over the top in everything. They’re a match made in fake marriage history.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FhdKFp


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