⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Tarnished Empire by Ava Harrison

The thing I like most about this author’s work is that she writes dark romances that are actually light. As in, her antiheroes are definitely not “good guys” in the usual sense, but there’s nothing overly heavy weighing the stories down, and the plots are always unexpected. This one’s no different; it’s pretty laidback, a bit of a slow burn, and not for those looking for high octane action. But it’s got a great build in intimacy, an antihero who isn’t afraid to get a little vulnerable, and steamy scenes that have plenty of emotion. Plus… have you seen that cover? Wowza.

The story follows Alaric, a man who sells guns for a living and has the tendency to get his hands dirty. When his competitor’s daughter enters his orbit, it turns his whole world upside down. Phoenix is unexpected and intriguing, a woman who seems vulnerable but is constantly rising to the challenges in front of her, and there’s nothing sexier to Alaric. Too bad they’re too busy sparring to act on the flames between them. But when life gets in the way and they’re forced to spend a seemingly endless amount of one-on-one time together, these two break down their walls and get to know each other better.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this because the author’s work is always unpredictable, and that’s one of the biggest selling points to me. We met Alaric in Corrupt Kingdom and I was ready to learn more about him. He didn’t disappoint. He’s a bad guy with a moral compass; a villain who doesn’t let himself go to far. I loved the combination of tough and soft, sweet and sour. Though there was a little bit of a lull in the middle of the story, I did enjoy the slow progression from enemies to lovers, and think the time span was required because of the distance between them. There were moments when I wanted Phoenix to be stronger, but she always rose to the challenge in the end. It’s a sexy, kinda different story, and it ultimately worked pretty well for me. Just know that this one isn’t intense; it’s slow burning with layers that need to be peeled back before progress can be made.


Alaric Prince. Powerful. Arrogant. Dangerous. And my father’s enemy.

My plan was simple.

Get invited onto his yacht.

Find information to destroy him.

But I wasn’t prepared for Alaric Prince.

Dangerous and seductive, he trapped me in his gilded cage.

He calls me Dove.

Easily preyed on.

Easily broken.

A man that ruthless only wants to crush me.

I must resist the temptation to let him.

He’s my father’s enemy.

At war with my family.

A danger to me.

Falling for him would be my demise.

But if my plan works, it will be his.

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As we both bring our drinks to our mouths, I notice that Cristian isn’t looking at me, so I follow his gaze. It doesn’t take me long to see what or rather who he is staring at. There, at the end of the row of banquettes, is the most exquisite woman I have ever seen.

Long brown hair that flows down past the swell of her breasts. It’s her eyes, though, that keep me from looking away. From where I’m sitting, I can’t see the color, but when she sees me, they are mesmerizing. She only glances my way for a second before turning around and giving me the cold shoulder.

Few women have done that. Not at a place like this.

Most women throw themselves at me. She, however, stands with her back to me. Her behind is not the worst view I’ve seen. Her short dress that looking from the front seemed modest is anything but.

No. Here, from this angle, nothing is left to the imagination. Two thin straps lower to an open back that dips to the dimples of her ass.

Possessed, I stand from my seat, needing to know who this girl is—and why she so casually dismissed me.

I’m a man on a mission as I stalk over to her. My team is quick to follow, so I’m intimidating as hell as I make my approach.

I should tell them to stand down, but I want to see her squirm. There’s no way that a little thing like her won’t.

When I finally make my appearance, I’m towering behind her. She hasn’t seen me, but she must feel my presence because I watch her back muscles tighten.

Slowly, and with purpose, she turns around to face me.

She has to crane her neck up, but when her gaze reaches mine, her pupils dilate.

I hadn’t come here tonight hoping to fuck, but after watching the way her mouth parts and a slight puff of oxygen escapes her pouty yet full lips, I want to fuck her. I want to feel those lips wrapped around my cock.

“I’m not interested,” she spits out before I can even speak. Her response has me throwing back my head, laughing—something I rarely do these days.

“You don’t even know what I was going to ask.”

“You were going to ask me if I wanted a drink. And seeing as I already have one …” She lifts the glass that I hadn’t previously seen in the air.

It’s new, the bubbles still bouncing on the glass from the pour. “I don’t need another.”

“And what if you’re wrong?”

“So, you were coming to ask me if I wanted to… what?” Her eyebrow lifts. “Talk with you?”

“Again, wrong.” Not entirely wrong, but wrong enough.

“Well, color me intrigued. You came all the way here—”

“You noticed me.” I smirk, and she must realize her mistake, and my smile broadens. “Here’s what I think. I think you wanted me to come over here. I think you like the game of cat and mouse.”

“I think you know nothing.”

“Pity,” I say, before turning and walking away.

“That’s it?” she asks from behind me.

“Yep.” I turn my head over my shoulder. “But …” I pause for emphasis.

“If you have a different answer for me, I’ll be back tomorrow. Same time. Same place.” And with that, I walk away, right out of the VIP area and then right out of the club.

Once we step outside, I stop. Turning to the right, I look at Cristian.

“Yes, Boss?”

“Her name. Her social security number. Find me everything there is to know about that woman by tomorrow.”

He doesn’t ask me why I need the info. I plan to fuck that girl, but I don’t touch anyone without doing my due diligence.

About the Author:

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

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Website: www.avaharrisonauthor.com
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