Featured FREEBIE + REVIEW: Bad Love by Piper Lawson

Have you tried Piper Lawson’s writing yet? She knows how to play with your emotions, combining light moments with angst for maximum tension. Her newest, Twisted Love, is one of my favorite books of the month (details below), and one of the other books in this series of standalones is FREE on Kindle at the moment. No guarantees that it will still be free when you read this, so grab your copy ASAP. Bad Love is a great introduction to Lawson’s writing – the whole series is 5-star worthy – and I’ve got my review from last year below!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34kxbGZ

Links to a few other deals that have popped up since Sunday’s list below as well!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect blend of sexy and serious

Opposites definitely attract in this sexy yet serious book. Piper Lawson has done a great job making two characters who could easily be difficult to connect to – an over the top playboy and a religious single mom – into the perfect couple. I loved how these two grew and changed over the course of the book. It had me hooked from start to finish and contained as much sexiness as it did heart.

The story follows Logan Hunter, a man from a wealthy family who is constantly underestimating himself. He considers himself a “good time guy,” going from woman to woman and never sticking around long enough to experience any of the tough times. Over a game of poker with his guy friends, he somehow winds up betting that he can sell 10,000 vibes in 3 months. If he wins, he gets a fancy penthouse that will allow him to up his playboy lifestyle to the next level. But things get real when the stake is shares of the family business he loves. Enter Kendall, the marketing expert tasked with helping him win the bet. She’s attracted to Logan but was raised in a religious family, and the one time she gave into her desire she wound up pregnant. It will take a lot more than an overgrown frat boy to win her over, but as she spends more time with Logan, she realizes there’s a lot more to him than he’d like to admit.

When I started the reading, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to connect with Logan. He is a playboy to the max, and the bet certainly isn’t a flattering one. But Lawson wrote his character perfectly; it didn’t take long for him to grow on me, and I was definitely rooting for these two to get together. It’s sexy yet also heartfelt, the perfect blend of these two characters. The growth they both experienced throughout the story and complexity of their emotions made the book that much more interesting, and I loved the ride.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34kxbGZ

A bad boy, a single mom, and a bet that makes their chemistry impossible to ignore…

I risked my family’s legacy on a wild bet: that I could please 10,000 women with…a certain product.
Now Kendall Sullivan, marketing queen, is my only hope of saving what I love.
She doesn’t have time for my jokes, my reputation, or anything I want to do to her distractingly sensual body.
But I can’t get her sweet taste or fiery toughness out of my head.
I’m starting to think the only woman I want to please is her.

Pastor’s kid. Single mom at eighteen.
I’ve taken responsibility for every choice and learned from my mistakes.
Until Logan Hunter makes me a sinful proposition.
He’s gorgeous and entitled, but his touch makes me feel things I swore I’d buried forever.
Saying yes would threaten my career, my family, and everything I’ve worked to build…
Can something that feels this good be so bad?

If you love bad boys who treat their families like gold, single moms with wild fantasies, workplace romance, fun antics, dirty talk, real characters, steamy scenes, cute kids, and smart banter…you’ll love Bad Love! A full-length standalone romance with an HEA from USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34kxbGZ

Check out the series!

These all easily read as standalones, so no worries if you grab them out of order! I’ve read and loved all three.

How to Find Love in New York:

1. Meet for tapas.

2. Pretend you care more about his day than your career circling the drain.

3. Stumble to your place. Kick him out before he trips on dirty laundry. (Literal or figurative.)

It’s easy. That’s how I like it.

Before you crown me the least romantic twenty-something in Manhattan, meet my competition: Dr. Wesley Robinson.

Keen blue eyes and fell-out-of-bed hair. Unhealthy obsession with 80’s movies. Dryer than a gin martini. Drive that makes Tony Robbins look like a slacker.

The hot genius I’m helping sell his DNA dating app has a plan: Scale the highest peak of Mount Nerd. Then ride off with his genetic Cinderella.

I shouldn’t fall for him.

Even if Wes kisses like there’s something dirty under that pressed shirt. Even if he opens me up like no man has. Even if guarding my heart’s getting harder each day.

Because New York’s not Wes’s mountain. I’m not his princess.

And nothing this easy can last.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3oix9Yi

When your rich, handsome best friend asks you to be his fake girlfriend? 

Say no.

One of the wealthiest self-made men in New York needs a woman to secure his spot at the helm of his venture firm.

Problem is, Ben doesn’t want any girlfriend…

He wants me.

It will never work.

We’d have to lie to everyone. 

He’s incapable of a healthy relationship, and I’ve been living a secret I can’t reveal – especially to my best friend.

It’s an impossible choice: 

Bail on the friend who got me through the hardest time in my life…

…Or pretend to fall for the man who already owns my heart?

TWISTED LOVE is a steamy friends-to-lovers, fake relationship romance! A full-length standalone with an HEA in the MODERN ROMANCE series.

Read the review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TgkXZO




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