⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: I Just Need You by J. Nathan

You know what I love about this author’s work? Every time I read one of her books, I know I can just settle in for an afternoon and devour it from start to finish, reading something that’s different and interesting and full of emotion. This one’s decidedly new adult, with a few “what are we, 12?” moments that are typical of the genre, but the story is addictive, the characters are interesting, and the romance is compelling. There’s a definite element of suspense that adds a few high intensity moments to a read that otherwise shifts between light and emotional throughout. I loved the moody, kinda intense hero and the heroine sassy enough to steal his heart. They seem like total opposites, clashing at every opportunity, but the more they get to know each other, the deeper their feelings run. It’s not a perfect read but it is an engrossing one, and I finished it with a smile on my face.

The story follows Kresley, the daughter of a wealthy businessman whose life has always been anything but typical – even more so since someone set out to abduct her. Six months after the traumatic incident (a few triggers here), Kresley is trying to finish up her college degree while dealing with the frustrations of having a team of bodyguards. One of them took an instant dislike to her, and it has been nothing but bickering between them ever since. Tristan would love nothing more than to hate every part of Kresley, but he finds himself drawn to her despite his best intentions. As the two deal with the complications of falling for each other while fighting it every step of the way, they’ve also got to deal with the potential for danger.

I love a protective hero, and Tristan is definitely that. He’s a bit of a grouch at times, but I loved just how much he cared for Kresley. There’s plenty of friction and all kinds of tension, but the overall tone of the story is light with a young feel to it. There are moments when you can DEFINITELY tell that these two are young (22 and 25), and that works for a romance set on a college campus but may not be for everyone. The bodyguard/forbidden element is a major component of the story, and I thought the suspense took things up a notch. Overall, it’s a story of two people who discover that they have more in common than either could’ve anticipated, and it builds into an uplifting, light read. I received an early copy via Grey’s Promo and am voluntarily leaving a review of this suspenseful romance.


He’s there to protect her…not fall for her.
Studying abroad was my chance to gain independence away from my privileged life in California. But, when there’s a kidnapping attempt on my life, I’m forced to return home to finish college. I just never expected to get stuck with a pompous, know-it-all bodyguard who watches my every move with nothing but disdain. One whose good looks don’t soften the cold, impenetrable wall he wears like armor.  

I pride myself on being a professional and taking my job as a bodyguard seriously. But, nothing could prepare me for the high maintenance, rich girl I’m hired to protect. She’s got a smart mouth, is hell bent on pushing my buttons, and doesn’t take the threats against her seriously. And despite the nightmares that plague her dreams, or the fact that I’m the only one who knows about them, I’m not there to befriend her. I’m there to protect her…no matter how much she intrigues me.

Jabs will be exchanged, glares will become the norm, jealousy will rear its ugly head, and sparks…well those damn things will inevitably fly. But will it all come with a dangerous price?

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About the Author:

J. Nathan is the author of new adult, sports, and rock star romances with cocky heroes and sassy heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s a crazy soccer and baseball mom as well as a total romance junkie! She loves watermelon margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music, and the summertime.

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