⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Before You Ghost by Debra Anastasia & Helena Hunting

Make no bones about it, this Halloween treat is, shall we say… not good. I have no idea where this writing duo even came up with half the stuff in here. It WAS semi-entertaining, and I DID stick around til the end, but that was purely out of my need to see how this all played out. I’m a big fan of Hunting’s work and I typically love quirky comedy, but this humor took a nose dive off a cliff (much like our hero) very early on in the story. If you’re in the mood for something zany and festive, then this crazy little novella might just put a smile on your face… though more in a “what did I just read?” than in a “that was awesome” kind of way.

The story follows Evan and Sammi, a couple who have had a volatile relationship for the last few years. They fight constantly but use it as their own kind of foreplay, and neither one truly appreciates what they’ve got together. That is… until Evan dies. After his unexpected death, Evan follows Sammi around as a ghost while they both try to figure out what happens next. What they once took for granted now feels a lot more special, but it’s all slipping through their fingers.

I actually really did like some of the concepts here, like not realizing what you have until it’s gone and cherishing every moment. It’s all just buried beneath so much other STUFF that it gets lost in the shuffle. The humor is way, WAY over the top and really not respectful of death in any way. I set this aside no less than three times before finishing, and it’s a pretty quick read. But I strangely wanted to know how things worked out for these two. Hunting has written some of my favorite books of the year and while this is definitely not among them, it is 100% unique. If you’re in just the right mood for this, it may bring you a lot of laughs, but… no guarantees on that.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kH25z1


It’s hard to miss your boyfriend when he’s standing right next to you being a sarcastic nimrod. I have a temper and he has an attitude. Our antics inside and outside the bedroom are off the charts. Half the time we’re giving each other a hard time just to get to the good times.

Things get more complicated when he’s all those things and dead as well.

Evan’s a newly formed ghost, and I’m Sammi, the girlfriend whose lady bits are accused of being so strong they shot him off a cliff.

Our new life is tinged with pirates, mermaids, undead carjackers who look like they should be on the set of a horror movie, and a nefarious ghost that has it out for me.

The worst part? We have to figure it all out before Evan goes ghost. For good this time.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kH25z1

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