⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Home for Christmas by Mika Jolie

What a sweet novella! I love a good marriage in trouble romance, and this quick, emotional story is a great example. These two are clearly still in love with each other, and neither one has done anything irreparable to the relationship, so there’s still hope for them yet. Add in a little meddling from family, and these two find themselves working out their differences and rekindling the flame while stuck together for the holidays. It’s a quick, easy read that’s heartfelt and somewhat predictable, yet also kinda perfect for the season.

The story follows Holly and Ethan, longtime loves who are in the midst of a divorce. While there’s still plenty of love between them, they’ve let small issues build up over time until it seemed like divorce was the only option. But when Holly’s grandmother leaves them property in her will – while also requiring that they spend the holiday there – these two are forced to confront their issues. Now is the time for them to either reignite the spark between them or let it flame out.

I’ve been meaning to check out this author’s work, and this was a solid romance to start with. It’s a short, easy read that’s perfect for the holiday season. Sure, the story could’ve benefited from a longer length, but it’s like a Christmas movie in book form. These two are already in love, are clearly meant to be together, and they just need to figure that out. It’s emotional but not super angsty, and the storyline is predictable but in a comforting way. If you’re looking for a quick, charming holiday romance, this will do nicely.


When coming home means finding love again…

Nothing says Merry Christmas like impending divorce. *eye roll*
It would be great to ignore the season altogether until Ethan and I officially end things on December 31st.

But before we can sign the final papers, I need to make it through Christmas week back in my hometown in Grandma’s house with the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with.

It’s far from ideal.

Yet, the longer we’re forced to cohabitate, the harder it is to ignore that what drew us together still exists.

Our marriage is on the brink of divorce because we thought we wanted different things, but maybe our Christmas miracle is getting a second chance by finally coming home.

Fans of Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery will be swept away by Home for Christmas, a small town, second-chance standalone holiday romance. It’s the perfect Christmas read.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lBMHo2


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