Jeeves’ Christmas Countdown: 25 Days of Holiday Romance

Unwrap a little holiday goodness every day until Christmas! If you’re anything like me, you love to get ready for the holiday season with some cozy Christmas reads. There’s nothing I like more than to settle into the season by reading quick and cute holiday novellas, steamy seasonal books, and anything that gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m especially looking forward to easy, low angst reads this year for… obvious reasons, lol.

To get you into the Christmas spirit, I’ve put together an advent calendar of sorts. I’ve selected a holiday romance for every day from November 30th through December 24th – the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Whether you choose to spoil the surprise or unwrap this advent calendar one day at a time is up to you. Each of these holiday romances has a guaranteed happy ending and will surely get you ready for the holidays. There are novellas for most of the weekdays and full-length romances for the weekends.

Daily Selections

Simply click on the date, and you’ll reveal the selection for that day. Unlike the advent calendars you may or may not have had growing up, no one’s watching over your shoulder to make sure you go one day at a time – it’s up to you!

And just in case there’s a selection that you’ve already read or aren’t in the mood for, I’ve got some wildcards listed at the bottom of this page. There are a lot of great new holiday romances releasing this year, and there’s no way that I can get to them all!

There’s a Christmas Countdown tab on the website menu, so it’ll be easy to find this post every day.

Happy Reading!

November 30th

December 1st

December 2nd

December 3rd

December 4th

December 5th

December 6th

December 7th

December 8th

December 9th

December 10th

December 11th

December 12th

December 13th

December 14th

December 15th

December 16th

December 17th

December 18th

December 19th

December 20th

December 21st

December 22nd

December 23rd

December 24th


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