⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Frostbite by Deborah Bladon

Short and sexy with just the right amount of holiday sweetness, this felt very much like one of Bladon’s romances. It also felt a little rough around the edges, with some inconsistencies and a few issues that left me scratching my head. It’s still an enjoyable, entertaining read, but certainly not on the same level as the author’s full-length novels. If you’re looking for an easy, sexy romance with a touch of Christmas spirit, then this will still satisfy.

The story follows Raelyn, an artist who is working to get her career off the ground. When she (literally) runs into a sexy stranger, it’s definitely not love at first sight. But there’s something about the meet cute that has them both thinking about the encounter. When Raelyn meets her mystery man again, he turns out to be a talented and moody sculptor. Raelyn somehow finds herself working on a project with Calder just in time for Christmas, and their connection seems to grow stronger every day.

Let’s talk about the good for a minute, because there’s a lot of it. I love Bladon’s writing style and find it so easy to get wrapped up in her books. They’re light and sexy with a hint of emotion, and that’s exactly the case here – which is just what I want to read for the holidays. The length makes this easy to devour in one sitting, and I enjoyed it the whole way through. But it also felt a little sloppy, not gonna lie. Given the length, an instalove vibe was not unexpected, but I feel like both characters were inconsistent. Calder is all about sleeping with Raelyn one minute and then practically naming their future children the next. He’s grumpy one minute, then the sweetest guy the next. Raelyn is super worried about her deadline one minute, then tackling side projects the next. I got whiplash a few times. I’m generally pretty forgiving of holiday novellas – and I did like this – but there’s definitely some stuff that pushed that limit. It’s certainly worth a read, but isn’t likely to be a story I’ll revisit. We do meet the hero from an upcoming book, and I’m very excited to learn more about him.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34YmnOT


Calder Frost is everything I don’t want in a man.

He’s rude, insensitive, and cold as ice.

After he crashes into me on a snowy night, I vow that I’ll do everything in my power to avoid him for the rest of my life.

That lasts a day.

When I realize that I’ll be forced to spend more time with him, I try to make nice.

Calder wants to get naughty.

That will never happen.

I don’t care that he’s gorgeous and could light up all of Manhattan with his brilliant smile. I haven’t thought twice about the way he looks at me.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t fall for a man until I made every one of my dreams come true, but what if those dreams are already my reality?

Author’s Note: This novella is as naughty as it is nice. If you’re looking for a holiday-themed read with a bit of heat, this book is for you. I hope it puts a smile on your face and sparks a little magic in your heart.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34YmnOT

About the Author:

Deborah Bladon is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has sold over 3.5 million books worldwide. She has been featured on the top bestsellers lists over 70 times, including two weeks in which 3 of her books were featured. Some of her standout series that have been included on the New York Times bestsellers list are RUIN, PULSE and GONE. 

Her love for romance novels began when she was old enough to board the bus, library card in hand to check out the newest Harlequin paperbacks. She’s a Canadian by heart, and by passport, but you can often spot her in New York City sipping a latte and looking for inspiration for her next story. Manhattan is definitely her second home.

She cherishes her family and believes that each day is a gift for writing, for reading, and for loving.

Her stories have touched readers worldwide and she’s always eager to chat with fellow book lovers!

You can chat with Deborah Bladon on Facebook at AuthorDeborahBladon or on Instagram at @deborahbladon.

For all of the latest updates, including cover reveals, free books and giveaways, sign up for Deborah’s mailing list at www.deborahbladon.com/subscribe.

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