FREEBIE + REVIEW: One Night With the Rebel by Kendall Ryan

If you’re wondering what’s next from Kendall Ryan, she’s got a brand new hockey romance series coming soon – and there’s a FREE prequel novella out now to get you ready! I’ve read it already, so I’ve got my review below, as well as a peek at the followup.

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REVIEW: Hated the before/loved the after

Assigning a rating to this quick and sexy series starter is a little tricky, because I did NOT love this couple’s past, but think there’s some serious potential in their future. It’s a short story, just long enough to get you interested without actually delving in too deep. We’re introduced to the dynamics, and I’ve gotta say – they’re unexpected! This almost feels more like a love triangle, though I doubt it will be. There’s nearly as much time spent on the “wrong” guy as there is the “right” one, and both guys will play a major role going forward. So, I found the first half of this to be very weak, and the second half to be very strong.

The story follows Eden and Holt, two people who met in college. They had a few classes together but never got overly close – at least, until that one night they spent together. Frustrated that her crush doesn’t seem to know she exists, Eden leans on Holt for the night. While Eden’s crush, Alex, is a player and hockey star, Holt is a brooding loner. He doesn’t consider himself to be worthy of a girl like Eden, but is happy to take whatever he can get. Turns out, all he gets is one night, and they don’t see each other again for six years.

I don’t really want to spoil the storyline that will be at the center of The Rebel, so I can only talk about the first half – which I didn’t like at all. Eden comes off as the kind of weak, desperate girl that I hate reading about, and their night together is just so incredibly rushed. This is a short story (60 pages), so I get that it’s not going to be super involved, but the whole “before” section was a miss for me. That being said, I’m all kinds of intrigued by the “after.” Holt now runs a security company, and they’re both more mature, adult versions of themselves. Alex is still very much in the picture, and I’ve got no idea where that is heading – but I’m curious to find out. So, while I cringed a little every time their history was mentioned, I am loving the dynamics in the present. We’ll see how this one turns out in The Rebel, but I’m ready to get reading.


A brand new, FREE series starter from New York Times bestseller, Kendall Ryan.

She barged into my life and turned everything upside down. 

We spent one scorching-hot night together, and then she disappeared into the sunset with the golden jock everyone adored. Which makes sense, right? A girl as beautiful and brilliant as Eden Wynn doesn’t end up with a rebel like me.

I expected them to live happily ever after, except that’s not what happened.

She’s back—and tempting me like no one else has. And while I’m certain I’ll only tarnish her shine, I want her. Only her.  

I’d heard the old notion that one night held the power to change everything. I just never believed it. 

Until now.


The Rebel releases on March 30th!

Once you’re done with this prequel, you’ll be ready to read Eden and Holt’s love story. The full-length novel is called The Rebel and it releases on March 30th. Grab your preorder here: or check out the details here.

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