Teaser Thursday

Next week kicks off three HUGE Tuesday release days in a row, with lots of exciting new books. I’ll be posting tons of reviews throughout the month, and even had to turn down some ARCs that I wanted because the weeks are so packed – especially on the 23rd. So clear out your TBR now and get ready to get reading!

Feb 5: Between the Lines by T. Gephart

Justin Tibbs might be a hot, athletic, and amazing firefighter but he also has a reputation as a manwhore. Tessa Ricci worked too long and too hard to be taken seriously in the NYPD to fall victim to his charm.

Assuming he was interested, which he wasn’t. 

Until he was. 

And then neither of them was sure who was seducing who. 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qIEdh5

Feb 7: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Lauren Landish

I see dead people.
No, not like that movie.

I’m a coroner, and yes, that is the kiss of death on my dating life. Everyone says they hope to not see me again soon.

Until I almost, and accidentally, kill Blake Hale with my car.
We couldn’t be more different. He’s all goodness and light, sexy and smart. And safe.
Everyone thinks I’m evil and dark. Danger in a pretty package.

Instead of being freaked out by me like most people, he’s intrigued.
And no matter how much I try to scare him off, he keeps coming back for more.

With each word we exchange, my resolve weakens.
With each heated look, he gets further into my soul.
With every kiss, he consumes me by accepting me just as I am.
And with every touch, not just of my skin but of my mind, he makes me believe that there is more to life.

Feb 7: Surrender by J. Saman

The saying goes, you can never fully put your past behind you.

But that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do. 

One night of chaos nine years ago changed everything for me.

I lost my family. I lost my home. 

And I vowed never to let a man be the guiding force in my life again. 

That is until Kellin Shaw walks back into it. 

A sexy and intriguing stranger I barely knew; he has no idea how closely tied he is to my past all going wrong. A man so impossible to resist I don’t even know how to begin trying. 

But he’s got secrets of his own. 

A dangerous air about him that both thrills and terrifies me.

If I were smart, I’d run from it all instead of allowing myself to be lured in deeper. 

What happens when you surrender yourself to a man who has the power to destroy you?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/360Kqgv

Feb 9: Nate by Tijan

Nate Monson was gorgeous, obnoxiously wealthy, and a player. 

He was also the person who could destroy my world with a single decision. 

I walked into that bar looking for him. 

He saw me. I saw him. 

The chemistry sizzled between us, but no. 

I hated Nate Monson. 

I hated him with everything in me, even though my body did not. 

It didn’t matter. 

Nothing I wanted mattered. 

He thought I wanted to get laid.

What I wanted was for him to disappear. 

But first, I had to tell him that he had a daughter. 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Y3XCwv

Feb 9: Steal My Magnolia by Karla Sorensen

Life lesson from Grady Buchanan: If you’re going to fall in love with the untouchable girl in town, don’t hire her as your only employee.

Even after he bungled the interview with Magnolia MacIntyre, he knew better than to hire her. The list of why it’s a bad idea is a long one. 

Her father could ruin his fledgling business. 

She is completely overqualified. 

And he’s attracted to her. 

What does Grady do? He offers her the job.

Magnolia knew better than to take it. Normally, she’d make the safe choice, and working for Grady is anything but. 

He’s new in town–and entirely too charming. 

Her dad will be furious. 

She hates the outdoors and working for an outdoor adventure company is not exactly the right fit. 

What does she do? She says yes on the spot. 

Grady and Magnolia will have to prove to everyone in their life that they’re not crazy. And prove to each other that the list of why it’s a bad idea should be tossed out the window. 

For these two opposites, sometimes doing the wrong thing is exactly right.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3caqsUx

Feb 9: My Wicked Heart by T.L. Smith

He’s a ex-convict.

I am the prized daughter of a family known for their name.

We always knew it couldn’t work, but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t try.

But when we did, it was all torn apart.

He was locked away.

And I was helpless to stop the mass destruction that followed.

He was wicked to my heart.

And just like poison, the effects can be dangerous.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Y5WE2V

Feb 9: Love in Moments by Scarlett Cole

Opposites attract in this steamy new sports romance standalone from Scarlett Cole.Swedish hockey player, Anders “Iceberg” Berg, is counting the days until he’s an unrestricted free agent and can land the contract he’s worth. Yet, instead of recovering and resting at home so he can play to impress his dream organization, he’s in Denver for his brother’s wedding at a gin distillery, watching the pretty brunette who organized the whole thing.

Olivia Dyer can’t wait to put the year behind her. Her father died, and the event hall she ran at her family’s distillery was destroyed. The cost to the business and her mental health more than she could ever afford to repay. Rebuilding both takes all her effort leaving little time for anything else. Except for a single night of fun with the hot hockey player who’s been watching her every move.

When a kitchen catastrophe throws Anders and Liv together, it ends with an evening neither of them can forget. It was only meant to be one night. But when Anders is unexpectedly traded to see out the rest of his contract with the Denver Rush, and his plans to leave as quickly as possible are disrupted by the sultry brunette who defines courage, their only option is to give to the attraction they feel for one another.

Yet with Liv stuck in the past and Anders firmly focused on the future, can they put aside their differences and allow themselves to find love in the present?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NxNWIZ

Feb 9: Strong Enough by Kelly Elliott

The fourth and final novel in New York Times bestselling author Kelly Elliott’s Meet Me in Montana series fires up the passion in a story about forgiveness and finding your soul mate.Dirk Littlewood had the world at his feet and a life he claimed to love. He was a world-champion bull rider with plenty of women to keep his nights busy and make his inner loneliness nothing but a delusion.

Dirk’s life was exactly how he wanted it. 

Until it wasn’t. 

The moment Merit Eden showed back up in Hamilton, Montana, everything was turned upside down. Life changed immediately and then tragedy struck. 

Merit was the only woman who could bring Dirk to his knees—and the only woman who could heal his broken past. If only he’d let her in, they could heal each other in the process.

The only thing left for Dirk to do was figure out how to not only forgive himself, but accept forgiveness from the only woman he had ever truly loved…if only he was strong enough to withstand the heartbreak. 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3peHFzF

Feb 9: Only One Touch by Natasha Madison

NicoWhen I inherited the Dallas Oilers from my father , I became one of the youngest owners in hockey history. Even though the team was at the bottom of the hockey standings,

I had big plans to change that and bring the Cup to Dallas.

Falling in love was something I never believed would happen to me.

You’d think I was getting everything I ever wanted with the girl and the winning record, but I still have a promise to fulfill to my childhood best friend.


Never let them see you sweat has been my life motto since I decided to make a name for myself as the most-sought-after sport agent.

I know what it takes to close a deal, and only want one thing—to be the best.

Until I felt his touch one night, and everything I thought I knew was forgotten. Nico is everything I’ve never let myself want.

But all my cards came crashing down the minute I read the headlines.

It takes only one touch to change everything!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NwgKkX

Feb 9: Kickstart My Heart by Lacey Black


There’s nothing better than a packed house on a Saturday night, and co-owning the hottest restaurant and bar in town with my best friends, isn’t so bad either. We put everything into Burgers and Brew. My job is to keep the alcohol moving and the patrons coming back for more. I won’t let anyone break my focus.

That was until I saw her.

As much as I try, I can’t fight it. Mallory makes me crave a future I never wanted for my own.

Now, I want it all.


When I started my new job at a local specialty burger restaurant, I wasn’t expecting to find a tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome distraction in the form of Walker Meyer. He’s one of the owners, which means hands off. Only problem, it’s a lot easier said than done.

Especially when he’s so good with my daughter.

I try to keep him at a distance, but he’s insistent, slowly breaking down every one of my walls. He’s fighting to convince me I can trust him with not only my heart, but my daughter’s too.

I pray he’s right.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3iEVQLT

Feb 10: Villain of Secrets by L.A. Cotton

L A Cotton’s angsty college mafia romance series, Verona Legacy, continues with Enzo Marchetti’s story…

Nora Abato is the kind of girl people gravitate to.

Sassy. Selfless. Stubborn.

She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it. And Nora wants her very own mafioso, the bad boy with a tortured soul who will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Enzo Marchetti is the kind of guy people run from.

Rash. Reckless. Ruined.

As the Marchetti crime family’s new enforcer, he’d rather spend his days getting his hands dirty than thinking about the future, or the girl with fire in her eyes and fight in her heart.

When a new enemy threatens the Marchetti empire, Enzo and Nora suddenly find themselves in close confines, and the undeniable connection between them is pushed to its limits. He can’t resist the girl who sees past the darkness in his soul and she can’t give up on the guy who has never been taught how to love.

There’s only one problem.

Enzo isn’t Nora’s fairytale prince, he’s the villain who will destroy her dream of a happily-ever-after.

He’ll break her…

If she doesn’t break him first.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3iC77fU

Feb 10: A Love Song for Always by Piper Lawson

I spent years hating Tyler Adams. 

I’ve also envied him, longed for him, and prayed to forget him.

He will always be my rebel prince. My childhood rival. My best friend.

Soon, he’ll be something new…

My husband.

And I dare anything in this world to try and break us apart.

A LOVE SONG FOR ALWAYS (Rivals #4) is Tyler and Annie’s bonus wedding story and should be read following A LOVE SONG FOR DREAMERS (Rivals #3). If you loved the RIVALS trilogy, don’t miss this delicious, emotional addition!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YcCwMt

Feb 11: Fighting for You by Monica Murphy

Diego Garcia.

Class bully.

Football star.

My boyfriend.

I fell hard and fast for the resident bad boy and he fell just as hard for me too. We were the perfect couple, until things turned sour.

Senior year and we’re both super busy. He has football. I have volleyball. Soon enough, I hear the rumors – Diego’s cheating on me. After everything we’ve been through, I’m devastated. Breaking up with him was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He doesn’t love me. Besides, only a few more months of school, and then I’m going away to college. And Diego will be permanently out of my life.

Until I find out I’m pregnant. And now we’re forever tied together…

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3iDQUXz

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