Audio Add-Ons For Under $2

⚠️ See details below before browsing! ⚠️

There are some incredible deals on audiobooks that are available if you already own the Kindle edition. I don’t know about you, but I’ve acquired a ton of free or cheap books through the weekly deals list (found here), and I’d love to listen to some of them on audio. And there are LOTS of books that will allow you to add the audio for under $2!

Here’s where this list gets tricky! In order to unlock that super cheap price, you need to already own the Kindle edition. So this list will mostly benefit those who already have a collection of Kindle books that they want to also own in audio. I can’t guarantee that Amazon will show you the same price as me either, so please verify before proceeding.

Here’s an example:

I bought the Kindle edition of Off the Record for 99 cents last week as part of the deals list. Now Amazon is giving me the option of adding the audio for another 99 cents through Audible. Whoa! But I only unlocked that price because the Kindle edition is in my collection.

So please be sure to verify prices before adding any of these audiobooks to your collection! Happy listening!

Audio Add-Ons For Under $2

You can also get a free trial of Audible Plus at:

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