⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Twist of Fate by Tia Louise

I fell for this hero in This Much is True, so I was really looking forward to his love story… until I learned more about his heroine. If you’re a fan of the author’s work, the clues are all there; Scout and Daisy have each appeared in previous books, though this will read as a standalone. Unfortunately, I did not like this pairing at all. I enjoy the author’s writing style quite a bit, but this felt more like lust than love. Plus… there’s that pesky little trope I hate. I can’t give a fair assessment of this without talking about the sequence of events, and that’s going to require a few spoilers. So fair warning.

The story follows Scout and Daisy, two people who were friendly in high school. When they spend a week together during their college years, they both have dreams that they’re hoping will come true. The problem is, those dreams will take them in different directions. They’ve got a limited amount of time to explore the chemistry between them, and then they’ll pursue their goals. When they’re reunited again, both Scout and Daisy have gone through a lot of life changes, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll be right for each other this time around.

This is sort of a “love” story in two parts, and I use quotation marks because it’s very, very light on the love. Lust, sure. Love, not really. First, we see Daisy and Scout as their bright-eyed, college-aged selves. Then, we see them four years later, when life has gotten a little heavier. If you’ve read This Much is True, that’s when the timelines align. I really loved Scout’s character in that book – he’s this good guy who tried to make it in Hollywood, only for him to get hit with a stroke of bad luck. I was looking forward to his story – IN THAT TIMELINE. We don’t get that until the second half of this book, and at that point, Daisy is a single mom… to a 3-year-old. I think you can probably guess where I’m going with that. It’s my least favorite trope, and it’s NOT handled well in this book. The whole thing felt super lusty with lots of plot holes, and there’s so much time with them apart that we don’t get to see them fall for each other beyond maybe a few pages here or there. It’s not a bad book, but it’s certainly not the story I was looking forward to. I appreciated receiving an early copy (and am voluntarily leaving a review), but this was disappointing.


A sexy, friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance with a twist by USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise.

To be “just friends” with a guy, you’ve got to follow The Rules:
Don’t touch him unnecessarily.
Don’t share your intimate dreams with him (even if he asks).
Don’t kiss him, and definitely don’t sleep with him.

Scout Dunne and I have been “just friends” since childhood.
He’s everything you could want—sexy, charming, confident—every girl’s wet dream.
Until we broke The Rules.

We broke them in the ocean, in my aunt’s bathroom, in my bed… 
It was the hottest week of my life.
I’m one of the few people who knows the first-round NFL draft pick wants more than a life of sports. 
Because we’re friends, right?
Not anymore.

Now he’s gone, and I’m trying to get my career back on track.
Mamma said a guy would never put your dreams ahead of his.
But the twist of fate
It’s something you never see coming.

(TWIST OF FATE is a STAND-ALONE friends-to-lovers, single-parent romance. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bnf05P

About the Author:

Tia Louise is the USA TODAY best-selling, award-winning author of super-hot and sexy romances. All her heroes are alphas with hearts of gold, and all her heroines are the smart, sassy ladies who love them.

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