DOLLAR DATES: 99 Cent Kindle Deals

This list is a lot like the weekly deals list, except the focus is on 99 cent Kindle deals and it’s on a smaller scale. I only update the big list on Sundays (and the first of the month), but deals often pop up during the week, so this is a nice spot to check in on the new ones. The emphasis is on 99 cent deals, but if I see other awesome ones, I won’t ignore them.

Each photo is a link to the listing on Amazon, so just click on the photo to see the deal.

And audio lovers, don’t forget that if you get the Kindle edition for cheap, you can often add on the audiobook for a significantly reduced price!

99 cents

Over $1

Featured Freebies

Want to see the complete deals and steals list?

It gets updated on Sundays around lunchtime, so checking out the list mid-week means there will be many expired deals. I put it together in HTML, so editing the list is a nightmare since it’s essentially a series of ones and zeroes. But feel free to take a peek at it here.

Check out this week’s new releases here.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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