⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: You Know It’s Love by Jen Morris

This is an adorable, intelligent rom com… that is just RUINED by an unbearable heroine. There were so many times when I almost abandoned ship because of her snap judgments, constant negativity, hurtful actions, and myriad of insecurities, but there’s so much GOOD in the story that I wanted to see how it all played out. I actually really think I’d enjoy the author’s work with a different dynamic, because the hero was a cinnamon roll sweetie, the steamy scenes built up the intimacy, and there’s some great depth to the story. But, WOW, this heroine got on my nerves in a big, big way.

The story follows Cat, a woman who has lost her trust in men (a few unexpected triggers there). Her ex-husband did a number on her, and dating has proven to be an exhausting, disappointing waste of time ever since. So it just figures that the one guy she seems to have a connection with is a cocky bartender who reminds her way too much of her cheating ex. Myles has the flirtatious, charming persona of a playboy, but he seems to spend a surprising amount of time studying Cat. And when she starts to see another side to Myles – a sweet, endearing, insecure side – Cat isn’t sure what to think.

I loved Myles a lot and wholeheartedly wish that we got to see his side of the story. It was obvious to me that Cat broke his heart repeatedly, and she humiliated him more than once. If gender roles were reversed, Myles would be considered a doormat, that’s how much abuse he takes from Cat. She needs therapy to deal with her trust issues before any relationship will last. The evolution of their love story didn’t work, and the first declaration of feelings elicited a cringe and a surprised laugh from me – not the desired reaction.

I hate that this review ended up sounding so negative, because the foundation of the book is strong. I love that this deals with empowerment and loving yourself as you are. I love the overall tone of the story, with its light yet heartfelt vibe. I love the complexity of the characters. I love how intimacy was showcased in the steamy scenes. There’s so much potential here that, while this particular book was not a total win for me, there’s definitely enough good stuff to have me coming back for more.


Get ready for a bumpy ride of disaster dates, self-discovery, and sizzling chemistry in this friends to lovers romantic comedy about learning to trust in love, one more time.

I have three rules for dating:

1. Always be my best self
2. Don’t put out too soon
3. Stay the hell away from anyone like my ex-husband—including liars, cheaters, guys with more looks than substance, and (especially important) bartenders

Everyone says you “just know” when you meet the one, but the only thing I know is New York men are the worst. So when Myles, the cocky, tattooed bartender at my brother’s bar starts hitting on me, it’s a hard pass, thanks. I won’t make that mistake again.

Besides, I have enough going on with my ex trying to run my vintage clothing store out of business. So what if I’d rather be selling my own designs? I have bills to pay.

But it turns out Myles is good at more than just looking sexy while pouring drinks. He knows how to save my business, and that’s an offer I can’t refuse. Everything else he’s offering? Not interested—not in the slightest. Not even if he could be the best mistake I ever make…

Here’s what you can expect from You Know it’s Love:

♥ Friends to lovers, sexy romantic comedy
♥ Strong, creative heroine
♥ Cheeky, tattooed bartender with a melt-your-heart sweet side
♥ Great friendships and protective big brother
♥ New York’s artsy East Village
♥ 1950s-inspired fashion
♥ Sweet, hard-won happily ever after

You Know it’s Love contains cursing and sex scenes, and is intended for audiences 18 years and older.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3rxMxkD

About the Author:

Jen Morris writes sexy romantic comedies with heat, humor and heart. She believes that almost anything can be fixed with a good laugh, a good book, or a plane ticket to New York.

Her books follow women with big dreams as they navigate life and love in the city. The characters don’t just find love—they find themselves, too.

Jen lives with her partner and son, in a tiny house on wheels in New Zealand. She spends her days writing, dreaming about New York, and finding space for her ever-growing book collection.

You can connect with her her at www.jenmorrisauthor.com

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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