⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Rebellious by Kristy Marie

Truth? I passed on this book – HARD – the first, second, and possibly third time that I read the blurb. It’s deceptively vague, and I had visions of every other problematic, friends with benefits, new adult “romance” that I’ve read in the last few years, and I was NOT interested. Then a book buddy mentioned that both characters still have their v-cards… and that blurb suddenly took on a whole different meaning. This is so very different than what I expected, so very different than any other new adult romance that I have read, and so very entrancing. Once I settled into the story, I was IN, and there was no stopping my love for this couple.

The story follows Bennett, a college student (21) who has loved Aspen (23) since the day he was born. Their love has evolved over the years, but it has never wavered. And while their bond has the makings of an epic love story, it has started to feel more like a tragedy. Complicated family dynamics made Bennett wary of officially crossing the line from friends to lovers, so he set rules to their relationship years ago. But Aspen has held onto the hope of more for years, and now she’s reached her breaking point. The reality that he could really, truly lose Aspen has made Bennett a desperate man, and he knows that it’s time to give in or give her up.

While I typically shy away from childhood friends to lovers romance because there always seems to be OW/OM drama and eye-rolling teenage angst, these two are so obviously in love with each other that there was nothing and no one that would come between them. I absolutely LOVED their bond; it is rock solid in some ways, yet ready to break in others. The tension is palpable from start to finish, as is the genuine connection. I get why the blurb is so deceptive now: this love story is unlike any other that I have read. It’s sweet, sexy, angsty, and unexpected. Bennett is the only thing standing in the way of this happily ever after, and that was seriously frustrating at times. I felt for both characters throughout, and their journey to forever is all kinds of messy. It’s also completely devourable, and I found myself eagerly anticipating what would happen next. Bennett and Aspen’s love story gave me butterflies, made me want to scream – and it had me hooked the whole way through.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gYcW8K


From best-selling author, Kristy Marie, comes Rebellious, the highly anticipated love story of star-crossed lovers, Aspen and Bennett–characters from the international best-selling novel, IOU. 

No kissing.
No cuddling.
No blah, blah, blah.
He wrote the rules onto our skin–every ink stroke tragically smeared by the lines we’d crossed.
He claimed it was the only way we could be together–the only way we wouldn’t destroy our families.
But there was an exception to his rules–one he never saw coming.
All I needed was opportunity and a sunburn.
The girl who played by his rules is gone.
This girl… is not his “friend.”

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gYcW8K

About the Author:

Kristy Marie is an international bestselling author who loves writing witty heroines and temperamental heroes. She is also a six-pack of abs biggest fan. When Kristy isn’t writing, she’s being a total dude and screaming at the TV while watching baseball. Go Braves!

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