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Check out these awesome cover reveals! There have been so many big cover reveals this week that I couldn’t keep up – and a few of these will be releasing very, very soon! I’ve got the six that I’m most excited about below, including my thoughts on each book.

This has been a fantastic series, and while it was supposed to end with the third book (A Secret for a Secret), a sexy single dad became a fan favorite. This hero is older (he’s the father of a previous heroine) and his love interest is all kinds of forbidden. I’ll be honest – I loved his character in A Secret for a Secret, but I’m not sure that I love this blurb. Hunting is an excellent writer though, so we’ll see where she takes this story. Sounds like it’s going to be a sexy, tense one!

Haven’t read the the series? This will probably read as a standalone, but is you’ll likely want to read at least A Secret for a Secret beforehand. A Favor for a Favor was on my Top 20 of 2020 list though, so I definitely recommend all three books. You can check out my reviews below for details:

A Lie for a Lie or Amazon:
A Favor for a Favor
or Amazon:
A Secret for a Secret
or Amazon:

A Kiss for a Kiss by Helena Hunting

Release date: May 27th

I’m Jake Masterson, single dad, and the General Manager of Seattle’s NHL team. I walked away from a career as a player so I could raise my daughter. For the last twenty-plus years, Queenie has been my main priority, but now she’s getting married.
And there’s a small complication.
A beautiful, sexy complication named Hanna.
She’s my son-in-law’s older sister. Or at least that’s how they were raised. The truth is a little more scandalous than that.
I’ve been drawn to her from the moment I laid eyes on her. And I spent months trying to keep a lid on that attraction.
Until we finally give in.
It starts with one searing kiss, but quickly ends with us between the sheets—and in the shower, and the hot tub, you get the picture—and turns into months of sneaking around.
Here’s the problem: we live on opposite ends of the country. It can’t be anything but casual. And as I’ve already said…it’s complicated.
But when Hanna finds out she’s pregnant…suddenly things get real serious.


I love a good Max Monroe rom com! Their releases have been a little inconsistent recently, but they’re always a good time. And this one is a complete mystery to me – we haven’t heard the details until now. So I’m definitely excited to dive into this opposites attract romance, and you’ll never hear me complain about a grumpy hero!

Grumpy Cowboy by Max Monroe

Release date: May 22nd

ATTENTION: If you have been a victim of false advertising, you may be entitled to compensation. If you were ever hired to take care of a fourteen-year-old boy’s knee injury on a luxury ranch in the Middle of Nowhere, Utah, but that fourteen-year-old boy ended up being a tall, rough-and-tumble, muscular, one-hundred-percent all-man cowboy by the name of Rhett Jameson, you may have been put at risk for falling in love. Please seek counsel immediately.

Dear Counselor,

It was supposed to be a simple favor for my very important boss, Frank Kaminsky of the Salt Lake Slammers professional basketball team—go to his good friend Tex Jameson’s luxury ranch and provide personal medical care for his recently injured teenage son.

I thought it’d be a working vacation of sorts—a chance for my city-girl self to experience something I would never otherwise do—but everything is upside down, and absolutely nothing is as I thought it would be.

For one, this patient is not a teenage boy.

He’s a real-life, blue-eyed, tough-as-nails, thirtysomething cowboy who is so darn strong he looks like he could lift a car just for the heck of it.

He’s also stubborn, rude, and we don’t get along…at all.

Add in the heart-melting vision of him as a single father to the cutest little girl on the planet, and I’ve found myself in a whole different dimension of trouble.

Lust. Feelings. A whole lot of enemies-to-lovers-style complication.

Please help me. My name is Dr. Leah Levee, I am a victim of false advertising, and if I’m not careful, this Grumpy Cowboy might just be the death of me.


J. Nathan has become a one-click author for me, and part of the fun is that I never know what to expect. She writes such different stories that it’s never easy to anticipate where the book is going to lead. This particular release is a new adult romance, and it sounds like our hero might be a bit of a bad boy. We’ll see how the rest of the story shapes up, but I’m definitely intrigued.

Something About You by J. Nathan

Release date: June 13, 2021

I’m what you call a god, a superstar, a winner.
Being a professional snowboarder is my purpose in life.
Nothing scares me–especially my competition.
I know exactly how to get what I want and
I’m good at most everything I do.
I’m only at Cranmore University to appease my parents.
But, if I want to graduate, I need to pass physics.
And, since failing is not an option,
Blackmailing a nerd who hates me is my last resort.

I’m what some call a geek, a nerd, a loser.
And I don’t care.
I know who I am.
I know where I come from.
And, I know exactly where I’m going.
That’s why I’m at Cranmore University.
To get my degree and begin my life
Only, that plan gets quickly derailed
Thanks to an unbecoming video
A blackmailing snowboarder
And his ex who’s hell bent on making my life miserable.

They say everyone comes into your life for a reason.
What happens when that person is the opposite of what you want…
But exactly what you need?


Look at that gorgeous cover!!! I’ll admit to being both excited and nervous about this release. Swan is not afraid to take risks, and her books sometimes cross a few too many lines for me – but they will have me completely entranced in the process! The perfect example is Our Way, which received a 5-star with an asterisk rating, because it was totally devourable yet also completely problematic. I’m looking forward to checking out Mr. Garcia, but this blurb sounds like it could go either way.

Haven’t read Our Way yet? It’ll have nothing to do with Mr. Garcia, but you can check out Swan’s polarizing writing ahead of Mr. Garcia’s release if you’re interested. My review is the first one to pop up on Amazon, so you can find it all in once place here:

Mr. Garcia by TL Swan

Release date: May 29th

He was gorgeous, older and guarded.

I knew he was trouble from the moment we locked eyes.

We met at work, on my first day as a barista.

He smiled, I melted ….. then he tasted my coffee and threw it away.

Again, the next day, and the next.

He hated the coffee, yet still came back.

I knew his game.

He called my coffee death in a cup.

I called him god’s gift to women.

I wasn’t lying.

Then we ran into each other outside of the coffee house, and that’s when things got interesting.

No longer suave and sweet with impeccable manners.

Mr Garcia had a darker side, his appetite, thick and heavy.

He set me on fire.

Unable to help it, we fell hopelessly in love.

The highest of highs.

But his demons are dark, as are mine.

I’m not sure if we can make it and I know that I have two choices.

Walk away now to save myself.

Or try and hold on and let love be the light.

I choose option two.

I am loving the sound of this meet cute… and hating just about everything else in the blurb, lol! Keeland is a hit or miss author for me, but the hits are so good that I keep coming back for more. I’ve already got ideas about how this one is going to play out (she’s definitely got a formula at this point), but I’m hoping that it will head in a different direction. We’ll see – The Spark doesn’t release until the summer!

The Spark by Vi Keeland

Release date: July 12th

A new, sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.

Before I even met Donovan Decker, I knew his shoe size.

You see, I’d gone away for a few days, and in my haste to get out of the airport, I’d grabbed the wrong suitcase.

After checking out the expensive footwear and tailored clothes, I dialed the number on the luggage tag hoping maybe Mister Big Spender might have my bag.

A deep, velvety voice answered, and as luck would have it, he had my suitcase, too.

Donovan and I met at a coffee shop to do the exchange.

Turned out, it wasn’t just his voice that was sexy. The man holding my luggage was absolutely gorgeous, and we had an immediate spark.

He got me to admit that I’d snooped in his bag and then convinced me to make it up to him by letting him buy me coffee.

Coffee led to dinner, dinner led to dessert, and dessert led to spending an entire weekend together. Donovan wasn’t just handsome with a panty-dropping voice. He was also funny, smart, and surprisingly down to earth for a man who wore seven-hundred-dollar shoes.

Did I mention he also did my laundry while I slept? Definitely too good to be true.

So what did I do to repay him for his kindness?

I waited until he was in the shower, then ghosted him.

My life was too complicated for such a great guy.

In the months that passed, I thought about Donovan often.

But New York City had eight-million people, so what were the chances I’d run into him?

Then again, what were the chances I’d run into him a year later…when I’d just started dating his boss?

Amazon Paperback:

Reynolds’ quick, sexy romances are bingeable reads for me, and I’m hoping that this brand new series will be more of the same. Rushed sounds right up my alley, and I’m already picturing the strangers to lovers, low angst vibes, so this has me excited. Unfortunately, it doesn’t release until November, so we’ve got a ways to go!

Rushed by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Release Date: November 30, 2021

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Aurora Rose Reynolds turns up the heat in this tale of new adventures, dangerous decisions, and undeniable attraction.

Cybil is the queen of bad timing. First, her fiancé breaks up with her days before their wedding. Next, she’s stuck going on a couples retreat in the Montana wilderness alone. And worst of all, now she’s fighting a growing attraction to the wilderness retreat’s rugged owner, Tanner.

Tanner has built his wilderness adventure service on a few key principles: never take unnecessary risks, never put anyone’s life in danger—and never, ever sleep with a client. The arrival of a beautiful new visitor, however, might mean bending the rules.

Two people looking for anything but romance may have just bumped into their soul mates. In the Montana wilds, any misstep can spell danger. Cybil and Tanner just have to decide if they’re brave enough to face their next adventure.


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