Getting Ready for The Perfect Catch by Meghan Quinn

I stumbled upon the blurb and preorder link for Meghan Quinn’s upcoming sports romance, The Perfect Catch, tonight, and I can’t wait to dive in! The blurb has me all kinds of curious about this hero, and I did a bit of a deep dive to find out more about his personality. While I absolutely LOVE Quinn’s rom coms, this series was a little uneven during the college installments, and I confess that I have not read a few of the earlier books in the series. But don’t worry, I’ve investigated Walker so that you don’t have to. Blurb and a few quotes about this mysterious man below!

The cover reveal for The Perfect Catch is coming in a week and the book releases on June 10th, but you can preorder your copy now at: – catch up on the series now, especially The Lineup, if you want more insight into the characters.


“Kiss me. Just this once . . . please Walker.”

Those whispered words were my undoing . . .

As the most hated player in baseball, I had two options: either clean up my image or pack my bags. Being traded wasn’t an option which only meant one thing, I had to become compliant.

That’s how I found myself sharing a small bistro table with Kate Chapman, the Chicago Bobbies newest PR Manager. Devastatingly beautiful, vastly intelligent, and incredibly cunning, she knows exactly how to handle my grumpy demeanor. 

It was supposed to be simple. Book some PR events, show up, smile for the camera, and be done. But one massive mistake on my end sends me into the trenches with Kate, forcing me to open up to her. 

Innocent glances turn into cordial encounters.
Secret touches turn into tempting invitations. 
And dangerous nights alone turn into consuming desperation.

I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want her. And I know she wants me, but there’s a no fraternizing with the players rule. Neither of us can afford to lose our jobs, but we also can’t seem to keep our hands off each other either.


Want to know more about Walker? Take a peek at these quotes from The Lineup!

Quinn says that it’s taken her two years and three attempts to get Walker Rockwell’s story right, so we heard the most about him in The Lineup. You can check out the book for yourself on Amazon at: or take a peek at the quotes below. He sounds like an intense dude with a big heart, and I am loving the sounds of it!

From The Lineup:

I felt intimidated reaching out to him, because Rockwell isn’t known as a touchy-feely guy. *cue montage clips of him beating the ever-living shit out of water coolers with his bat* He has been known to have an attitude, to be tossed out of games for mouthing off to umpires about strike zone consistency, and he’s the first one off the bench when a fight breaks out.

I stand from the bench, walk out of the private batting cages and spot Walker, kneeling on the ground and talking to a kid. I watch carefully the way he interacts with the young boy. Giving him pointers, speaking softly. It’s unlike any side I’ve seen of Walker, but then again, most of the time, the media only shows his moments of outbursts and rage because when there’s drama, media outlets tend to show that.

He swings, his bat a powerful weapon in his hands as he pushes through the ball. From the tension in his grip, I can tell this man has a lot of pent-up anger inside and with every swing, it seems to loosen a fraction.

“We’re setting up VIP tickets. Should I set any aside for your family?”

He shakes his head. “No.”

“No?” I place a ball on the tee and his swing nearly whips my hand off before I can pull away. “But this is to help honor your sister, my brother. Can they not make it?”

“We don’t talk,” he answers curtly, tapping the ground for another ball. “No need to send an invite.”

“Oh, sorry, man. I didn’t mean to—”

“It’s fine.” He taps the tee with his bat. “Load me up.”

Start the series today!

If you don’t mind a little Kindle-throwing in frustration, the first three books in this series have just been released in one convenient little box set – and it’s only $3.99 for all three books! That’s less than the price of one book in this series on a typical day, so it’s definitely worth the price.

Grab it on Amazon:

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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