⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Cruel Saints by Michelle Heard

Exactly the kind of mafia romance that I love to devour – focusing on the relationship first, with a strong, protective hero who is vulnerable and compassionate with just one woman. It reads younger and a little more like a soap opera than other mafia romances I’ve read (is there really a mafia school?), but that really works for this story. It still has the intensity and bingeable quality that I love from a darker read, but you can definitely feel the young love and lighter moments (though it is FILLED with triggers – keep that in mind). This antihero falls hard and fast for the beautifully broken girl that he meets, and it’s all about winning her over after that. I binged this in one sitting, and immediately started reading the first book in this world when I was done. The two books are complete standalones that can be read in either order, but there are minor characters who tie the stories together.

First and foremost, this opens with a statement that if you need a trigger warning, then it’s not the book for you. That is true. There are graphic depictions of sexual assault, murder, mayhem, and more – and they start within the first few pages. Our heroine has suffered at the hands of a villain for years, so she’s not sure if our antihero will be her saving grace or her downfall. That dynamic is a major part of the book, and it sits in stark contrast to the somewhat sweet relationship between Elena and Lucian. Those darker moments are needed because they showcase the fact that, while Lucian is no hero, he has a lot of kindness in him. I loved his softer side, and his compassion is what makes this such a compelling read.

From the moment Lucian meets Elena, he feels a connection and a need to protect her. His singleminded focus was great to read, and there is no OW drama. I love that this rides a fine line between light/dark, heavy/uplifting. It’s not nearly as tense or angsty as other mafia romances I’ve read, but there’s just enough of that to keep up the pace. All in all, this was highly enjoyable, and I’ll definitely be reading more from this world. I received an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this slow burn romance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3i4ezCl


From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new standalone, full-length romantic suspense novel.

Alliances are made. Loyalty is owned. Love is taken.

Little did I know my love and freedom would be taken to form a new alliance.

Brutal, possessive, and dangerous, Lucian is feared by all. Including myself.
When his father is assassinated, Lucian takes his rightful place as head of the Cotroni family. They rule the Mafia with an iron fist, and he’s set his sights on my family.
Until now, we’ve been the only threat, but when a new one emerges, my father is forced to arrange a marriage between Lucian and myself.

He might be handsome but he’s not the kind of man who loves. He takes what he wants and right now, it’s my body.
I might belong to him in name, but the question remains – will our union be consummated in blood or love?

STANDALONE: Romance Suspense full-length novel.
If you need a warning before reading a book, then this book is not for you.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3i4ezCl

Want more mafia? Check out Merciless Saints!

So it sounds like this non-series is evolving as it goes. I picked up Merciless Saints as soon as I finished Cruel Saints, and that book has a younger “academy” feel and more side characters that you assume will get books. It’s definitely intended to be a series starter. The school concept is what makes it feel like a soap opera, because… really? It seems that the author has mostly scrapped the academy and interconnectivity, which I think is a good thing. I still enjoyed the book (probably a solid 4-star read for me), but I preferred the dynamic in Cruel Saints. If you love Cruel Saints, feel free to go back and check out Merciless Saints – but it’s absolutely not required reading.


From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new standalone, full-length romantic suspense novel.

Alliances are made. Loyalty is owned. Love is taken.

I’ll show everyone I’m a threat, and they will fear me.
For my family. I have to protect them.

The second I hear the name Damien Vetrov I know I’m in trouble.
He’s an arrogant Russian God.
Only, I have zero intention of bowing to him. Ever.
Attractive and lethal. He’s such an intoxicating mixture.

Every second we spend together, the pull between us becomes stronger, and my fear grows.
While my body wants him, my head knows better. He has the power to kill my family.

But when blood is shed, I’m forced to depend on Damien for my life.

Being at his mercy, whether he’ll kill me or protect me, is still up for debate.

STANDALONE: Romance Suspense full-length novel.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34DCXTf

About the Author:

Michelle Heard is a Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She resides in South Africa with her son where she’s always planning her next book to write, and trip to take.

Connect w/Michelle:

Website: https://michelleheardauthor.wordpress.com

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