⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon

A former football star who is kind and caring? Sign me up! I loved the hero in this laidback sports romance. He is sweet, sexy, and easily the best part of this book. I’m having a tough time with my rating for this one, because it had all of the ingredients of a great book… but I frequently found myself bored while reading. I actually set it down for a week and almost forgot to come back to it, which is never a good sign. It was missing the wow factor and compelling chemistry between the characters, though I did like it as a whole. It sits solidly between three and four stars for me – there’s not a ton that I didn’t like, but it’s ultimately a forgettable read.

The story follows Taylor, a fitness trainer whose business is struggling. She doesn’t have a formal education and is trying to build up her reputation, but it’s been an uphill battle. When the sexy guy from one of her classes requests her services as a personal trainer, Taylor is skeptical. She’s used to guys hitting on her, and isn’t interested in letting the lines between personal and professional blur. But Jamar seems to be different than the others, and the connection between them is difficult to ignore. As Taylor works on getting the former football player back in the game, the two discover that their relationship is worth fighting for.

That cover is super fun and adorable, and the blurb was equally enticing, so I didn’t hesitate to give this a read. It’s got a lot of good stuff going for it as well – the representation is awesome, both characters are likable (Jamar more than Taylor), and the romance is central to the storyline. I loved some of the deeper topics that are explored, and the path to HFN is pretty unique. But it was definitely missing a spark for me, from start to finish. There’s a lot of focus on the workouts and fitness routine, which didn’t make the story feel overly romantic. And even the steamy scenes didn’t feel all that intimate to me. Part of that might’ve just been Taylor’s strong personality, but, I don’t know, it wasn’t particularly compelling. This is solid overall – and I loved Jamar – but there was something missing the whole way through. I received an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this sports romance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vek4C4
Bookshop Paperback: https://bookshop.org/a/18118/9781538716670


When a personal trainer agrees to fake date her client, all rules are out the window in this “fun, heartfelt, and totally relatable” romantic comedy (Abby Jimenez, NYT bestselling author of Life’s Too Short).

When it comes to personal training, Taylor Powell kicks serious butt. Unfortunately, her bills are piling up, rent is due, and the money situation is dire. Taylor needs more than the support of her new best friends, Samiah and London. She needs a miracle.

And Jamar Dixon might just be it. The oh-so-fine former footballer wants back into the NFL, and he wants Taylor to train him. There’s just one catch—no one can know what they’re doing. But when they’re accidentally outed as a couple, Taylor’s game plan is turned completely upside down. Is Jamar just playing to win . . . or is he playing for keeps?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vek4C4
Bookshop Paperback: https://bookshop.org/a/18118/9781538716670

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The Boyfriend Project has been on my TBR for awhile now, but I didn’t end up reading it before The Dating Playbook – and that was not a problem! The books are tied together by a group of friends who connected when they were all burned by the same guy. I’m definitely intrigued by the story behind that, so I’ll probably go back to The Boyfriend Project at some point – but it’s definitely not required reading to enjoy The Dating Playbook. There are only a couple of scenes that even reference that story.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/37SNkV0

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Farrah Rochon hails from a small town just west of New Orleans. She has garnered much acclaim for her Holmes Brothers, New York Sabers, Bayou Dreams and Moments in Maplesville series. When she is not writing in her favorite coffee shop, Farrah spends most of her time reading, cooking, traveling the world, visiting Walt Disney World, and catching her favorite Broadway shows. An admitted sports fanatic, Farrah feeds her addiction to football by watching New Orleans Saints games on Sunday afternoons.

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  1. Isn’t it the worst when you intellectually like everything about a book but it doesn’t quite click for you? At least if I don’t like it, I can settle in for a hateread or DNF without feeling guilty.

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