⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: A Very Bossy Christmas by Alexis Winter

Go read the other A Very Bossy Christmas instead (find it here), this one is a hot mess. The hero is a steamrolling jerk whose thoughts and personality change from one moment to the next. I’ll give you an example:

“It’s probably good her personality instantly kills my raging hard on whenever she walks into my office”

20ish pages later…

“I fell for her a long time ago and now I just do it to try and remind myself that I don’t deserve her.”

Those are literally both things the hero thinks to himself, not words he speaks out loud. So… yeah. Whiplash. He also “forcefully” grabs her a few times, doesn’t wait to see if they’re on the same page sexually, has tortured her at work for the last few years, and decides he knows what’s best for her constantly. I didn’t find him attractive at all, and there are not enough pages in this novella to convince me that he’s worth a chance.

That’s all unfortunate, because the blurb sounded right up my alley. I love an enemies to lovers, holiday novella. This one features a boss and his employee taking a Christmas road trip to see her family. Our insensitive jerk of a hero, Damon, ruins Kate’s plans to go see her family for the holidays. He won’t let her take time off work and doesn’t pay her enough that she can afford repairs to her car. When he hears that’s the reason she’ll be staying home for Christmas, he feels a little guilty and decides that he’ll take her himself. He also decides that he’ll act as her boyfriend, and if they end up hooking up in her childhood bedroom… even better. Classy guy.

Anyways, obviously I didn’t love this one. It’s a quick, sexy read that probably would’ve worked better with a likable hero. And that’s coming from someone who adores a lovable grump. Every time I started to get into it, Damon would do something to get on my nerves. By the end, I just wanted to be done with it. It’s got the foundation of a decent read, but the execution isn’t there.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qzRZ8K


“Sweetheart, I know exactly how to handle you.”
Those eight little words whispered in my ear by my boss were my undoing.
And what we did after he said them, most definitely landed me on Santa’s naughty list.

If there’s one man who can suck all the joy out of Christmas—it’s my boss, Damon Wells.
I should have known when fifteen minutes into our first interview, he told me that nothing about me stood out from the fifty other applicants.

Yet somehow, I’m sitting shotgun in his fancy sports car on the way to my family’s house for the week.

You’d think he’d show a little mercy this holiday season after my day from hell.
Car towed? Check.
Spilled coffee on my white blouse? Check.
Soaked in Chicago slush by a cab? Triple Check.

Instead, he threatens to fire me.

So now I’m stuck spending the holidays with my boss by my side…Until two minutes into meeting my family, Damon introduces himself as my boyfriend and my minor panic turns into a full fledged five-alarm holiday meltdown.

He wasn’t supposed to pretend to be anything.
He absolutely wasn’t supposed to stick his tongue down my throat when he promoted himself to fiancé in front of my entire family.
And I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to enjoy it.

Suddenly, our fake little fairytale is starting to feel too real when Damon slides my grandmother’s diamond ring on my finger.
The same ring I thought my ex was going to give me last year when he dumped me.
The same ex who shows up to my family’s holiday party.

All I want for Christmas this year?
To forget just how good my boss is in the bedroom before my heart starts to get other ideas.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qzRZ8K

About the Author:

Alexis Winter is a contemporary romance author who loves to share her stories with the world. Be sure to follow for upcoming steamy releases that feature hot billionaires, cocky alphas, sexy bad boys and the women they love. 

When she’s not writing, Alexis likes to spend time hiking the Rocky Mountains in her home of Denver or working on new recipes in her kitchen.

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