COVER REVEAL: The Bayside Heroes Series

There’s a new multi-author series on the way this December, and it looks like things are about to heat up! This should be an interesting reading journey for me – I’ve read and enjoyed books by all four authors in the past, but none of them are go-to authors for me, so I’m really curious how this will go. These books all revolve around couples in the medical field and the books each have live releases one week apart.

My initial thoughts on each?

Kandi Steiner is probably the strongest writer in this group, but she’s also the one most likely to cross lines I’m not interested in crossing (cheating, love triangles, heavy angst). Her forbidden, reverse age gap romance definitely has me intrigued, and I’m probably either going to love it or hate it!

Harloe Rae typically delivers solid reads for me. Her loyal, sexy heroes are definitely the best parts of her books. They usually have strong sexual tension, and I bet this one will as well. The “no strings” trope is not a favorite of mine, but it can be great if done well.

K.K. Allen is the author I’m least familiar with of this group. I’ve only read one of her books, and it was pretty good. Her book is probably the best fit for me, blurb-wise, so I’m looking forward to getting to know her writing better!

Tia Louise is a hit or miss author for me – her writing style is right up my alley, but sometimes there are storyline issues like plot holes or excessive instalove that force me to drop my rating. Blurb-wise, this one has me very intrigued and I’m sure I’ll have fun on my reading journey!

Details on all four books below – clear some space on your December TBR!

WASHED UP by Kandi Steiner
Release Date: December 6th
Genre/Tropes: Older woman/younger man
Cover photo: Perrywinkle Photography


It was just another day in the Emergency Department — until she was wheeled in through the doors.

Amanda Parks, my childhood best friend’s mom who I may or may not have secretly kissed before leaving for college.

I haven’t seen her in over a decade, and in so many ways, she hasn’t changed.

Same killer curves.

Same hypnotizing eyes.

Same reaction from my heart when I see her.

But something new?

There isn’t a ring on her finger anymore…

And I’m much more of a man than I was at eighteen.

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SCREWED UP by Harloe Rae
Release date: December 13th
Genre/Tropes: Opposites attract/No-strings arrangement
Cover photo: Perrywinkle Photography


“He might be wrong, but I’m tired of being right.”

The extreme focus on my career has led to a lonely existence.

I don’t make time for much beyond the hospital walls.

And the pressure is getting to me.

Those who know me best highly recommend I take the edge off by any means necessary.

As it turns out, the new security guard at Bayside Regional is just what the doctor ordered.

Dane Owens is a disaster waiting to happen.

Maybe that’s why I can’t look away.

He plays fast and loose with no plans of slowing down.

Especially when it comes to dating.

We’re polar opposites, which is precisely why this arrangement is temporary.

But there’s plenty to keep us occupied until our expiration date.

All I need is for Dane to follow the rules that long.

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FIRED UP by K.K. Allen
Release Date: December 20th
Genre/Tropes: Single Parent/Workplace
Cover photo: Perrywinkle Photography

Through smoke and fire, she’s all I see.

Nothing gives me a bigger rush than when I’m responding to an emergency call.

As a firefighter EMT, my mission has always been clear.

Until I arrive at the scene of an accident and a dark-haired vixen, quite literally, trips into my life.

I quickly learn there’s more to the gorgeous photographer than meets the eye.

Meadow Matthews isn’t a woman who needs saving, but she just might save me.

As a single mom to an adorable little boy, she leaves little time for play.

Which is why, when I approach her with a fun opportunity, she instantly declines.

Unfortunately, snapping photos of greased-up firefighters for a calendar isn’t her thing.

Lucky for us, she fires me up just enough to convince her otherwise.

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TANGLED UP by Tia Louise
Release Date: December 27th
Genre/Tropes: Second-chance/romantic suspense
Cover photo: Wander Aguiar Photography

I didn’t realize how far I’d slipped until she met me at the bottom. I’m the last man she should save, but that doesn’t stop me from reaching for her.

Guilt has been my unwelcome partner for seven years.

I’ve drowned myself in work, but every close call triggers memories of that day, of him…

Of what I did to her.

I have to face the past or this vicious cycle will kill my medical career.

Going home, I don’t expect to find her there, still so beautiful with long, dark hair, bright amber eyes, luscious curves.

She still dominates my heart, my mind, my bed.

Only she’s different now—stronger, bolder, unafraid.

I clearly have work to do.

We’re a mess, tangled up in a web I created.

But I’m determined to treat these wounds, to heal this break.

One thing is certain, I won’t say goodbye to her again.

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