TOP 20 OF 2021: Falling in Reverse by Julia Wolf

As 2021 comes to a close, I’m revisiting my 20 favorite romance novels of the year, and the sexual tension in Falling in Reverse earns its spot on the list! Julia Wolf is always excellent at writing tension, angst, and longing. Her books come in a variety of moods and settings, but you can always count on engaging, complex storylines and couples who burn up the pages. There’s just something about her writing that always keeps me hooked, and this rock star/bodyguard romance was particularly engrossing. I devoured it quickly and fell for this opposites attract romance along the way. This time, it’s the heroine who is the rebel, and I loved watching her ruffle this hero’s feathers. Their chemistry leapt off the page, and the push/pull dynamic – coupled with plenty of friction – made this a very bingeable read.


Read on for my original review and plenty of quotes to give you a feel for the vibe!

Is it HOT in here, or is it just this book? WOW, that was an intense and steamy ride! This rock star/bodyguard romance had me HOOKED from the first page, and easily kept my interest until the very end. I stayed up way, way too late reading – and I have zero regrets. This couple is absolute fire together, and I loved the intensity of the story. Electric chemistry sparked the moment these two meet, and it was push/pull, tension/passion after that. Our overprotective hero is a complete caveman, but in a way that was… charming? lol, he’s a lot to handle, but so is our heroine. She’s a troublemaker who can’t stop pushing the hero’s buttons, and that makes for some seriously combustible scenes.

The story follows Iris, a rocker on the rise. With the growing popularity of her band, it’s become apparent that Iris can no longer live a normal life. Her bandmates insist that she get a bodyguard, and that’s the last thing this fiery and passionate woman wants. But Ronan isn’t such a bad guy; the protective Irishman is actually very sexy. As the two become a part of each other’s lives and discover that opposites really do attract, it’s impossible to keep the relationship purely platonic. The only problem? Ronan wants to keep Iris safe, while she has no desire to be tied down.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything by Wolf, but I was immediately reminded of her talent when I started reading. This will put you through your emotional paces, and there is such an intensity to the story – and I’m not just talking about those STEAMY scenes! Wowza. This is a hot slow burn, with chemistry that absolutely sizzles. I loved these two together, and the emotional connection was just as important as the physical one. Ronan is a natural protector, while Iris is wild and free. Together, they make an excellent pair. Neither one is perfect, and seeing them compromise and evolve was one of my favorite things.



Ronan Walsh. 

Delicious Irish accent. Built like a slab of marble. Infuriatingly controlling.

My new bodyguard…

All I want is to rock hard with my band, The Seasons Change, and finally live my life exactly how I please. No one telling me what to do, no constraints, total freedom.

Too bad I’ve managed to piss someone off. 

Crazed fan or bitter ex, it doesn’t really matter, since the result is the same. My wings are clipped and I’m strapped to a bodyguard with steamrolling tendencies and a disdain for celebrities.

Everyday I spend with Ronan is a battle. For control. For independence. And most unexpectedly, with my own willpower.

Because Ronan doesn’t just want to protect me. He wants me in his bed too, and ceding my control to Ronan is more tempting than I ever imagined.

But I’m Iris Adler, a fierce-to-my-bones rocker. If Ronan Walsh really wants all of me, he’d better be prepared for the fall.


About the Author:

Hi! I’m Julia and I live in Maryland with my three crazy, beautiful kids and patient husband. I worked as a hair stylist for seven years, collecting stories my clients couldn’t wait to spill, a few of which just might show up in my writing!

I love writing all things romance, from sweet, to steamy, to funny, to so dirty you’ll be blushing for days. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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