⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Ripple Effect by J. Bengtsson

So, here’s the thing. This wasn’t bad, but I was looking forward to a playful, enemies to lovers-style, neighbors romance (as promised by the blurb), and that lasted for all of twentyish pages before it turned into a sugary sweet survival romance. I wanted the neighbors to lovers romance, the passing of notes and the mistaken identity. I didn’t want the most upbeat, low angst, survival romance I’ve ever read. So, while this was okay, it certainly wasn’t what I was hoping for when I read the blurb.

Since this doesn’t really follow the blurb, any summary I give is going to be spoilery, so this is your warning. Essentially, the story follows RJ, a musician who tried to make a go of a solo career after the popular boy band he was in aged out of the demographic. After that failed spectacularly, RJ grew a beard, moved to a cheap apartment, and laid low to avoid the spotlight. Over the last several months, his infuriatingly sexy neighbor has driven him a little crazy, and it’s not until a major earthquake demolishes their apartment complex that they spend any time together. Dani hasn’t been the biggest fan of her neighbor, “Chad,” but watching him struggle to survive changes everything. Dani realizes that she has strong feelings for Chad/RJ… but they’ll need to make it to safety if they have any hope of a future.

Now, the act of nature element is hinted at in the blurb, but I expected there to be more to the story before that, especially since the neighbors to lovers dynamic is the focus. That just wasn’t the case. We get the quickest of summaries of their relationship – they’ve been living next door to each other and bickering for months when the book begins – and then BAM, earthquake. Dani and RJ actually don’t spend a lot of time on the page together before they’re fighting for survival and exchanging “I love yous.” The story is pretty unique and somewhat compelling, so I stuck around to see how things turned out – but the relationship development is weak at best. I liked the survival element, and had there been 100ish pages of bickering before that happened, this would’ve been a LOT stronger. The tone was also much, much lighter than anticipated for such a serious topic. It was jarring to have RJ be trapped and literally fighting to live while also having sweet exchanges with Dani and getting turned on. I guess this one just didn’t hit right for me, it was kind of weird. But I do think the story is interesting and different than the norm, so it was sort of a mixed bag for me.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/32U1JRA


She’s living next door to a superstar… and doesn’t even know it.

Enemies to lovers tale with an earth-shaking twist!

International pop star RJ Contreras finds himself at a crossroads when his mega famous boy band, AnyDayNow, breaks up. After his solo career fails to take off, RJ (a.k.a. Chad Woodcock) retreats to a no-frills apartment where he can hide out from the world and lick his festering wounds.

But when the girl next door starts slipping ‘good neighbor’ contracts under his door and complaining about his behavior through strategically placed Post-it-Notes, RJ snaps out of his self-absorbed melancholy to wage war.

Nothing short of an act of nature could repair the relationship between these two strong-willed enemies. But guess what Fate has in store?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/32U1JRA

About the Author:

J. (Jill) Bengtsson is the bestselling author of the Cake Series. She writes contemporary novels focused on love, humor, passion, and family. Her heroines are strong, nurturing, and quirky while her heroes are what dreams are made of – gorgeous, committed, and in need of a little saving. A native Californian, Jill’s novels are set under the glittering lights of the West Coast entertainment industry.

They are for the dreamer in all of us. 

Jill resides in Ventura County, California. She’s married to the Swedish boy she met as an exchange student her junior year in college and they have three children, a golden retriever, and two ragdoll cats. 

Connect with J.
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