New Romance Releases in Kindle & Audio

Take a peek at all of the Kindle, paperback, and audiobooks that just released or are coming your way soon!

While my release calendar showcases all of the books that I would read if I had unlimited time (wouldn’t that be nice), this new release post is broader and simpler. It works just like the freebies and deals post – each picture is a link to Amazon, so if a cover catches your eye, then just give it a click.

The books on this list have either just released or are coming your way soon! Since new preorders and book announcements go up all the time, this list has the most up-to-date info. It also includes romances that I myself might not be interested in, but plenty of others will be. Happy reading!

Live early, and I loved them!

I read my ebook ARC of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea over the weekend, and I loved this forbidden romance! The ebook releases on January 20th, but the audiobook went live early. Highly recommended! The newest sexy rom com from Kayley Loring (and Connor Crais!) also went live early, though just in ebook for now. It’s the first book from this author/narrator writing duo, and a very good sign of things to come. Click on the photos for details!

Just Released


Coming Soon


Last Week's Releases


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