⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: The Potter by Kristy Marie

“This was supposed to be a release. A bandage for the ache. But now, as she holds my face, with our noses pressed together, I let her watch as she tears down the barrier between us, her body taking my demons and burying them inside.”

This earns its 5 stars for being so BINGEABLE and unpredictable that I completely lost track of time while reading. I sat down with it at seven at night, then OOPS, it was one in the morning, lol. I really had no idea what to expect from the story, and that had me hooked in a way that was a little addicting. The dynamic is TENSE, sexy, banter-filled, and slightly outlandish. “Dramedy” sounds about right, because it’s sort of got enemies to lovers vibes and it tackles heavier subjects, but there’s a lot that feels like a rom com. It opens with a statement saying that the story takes many liberties with both the law and the field of medicine, and… yeah, that checks out. This isn’t your typical doctor’s office, the typical (almost) boss/employee dynamic, and it’s certainly not the way I’d let any of my doctors treat me. But the story is undeniably compelling, and it feels like the start of a brand new series of interconnected standalones.

The story follows Halle (23), a woman who has spent the last few years working towards one goal: getting healthy (and wealthy) enough for Dr. Potter (35) to perform surgery that will put the past behind her. An aspiring actress, Halle’s dreams were taken from her when an accident left her severely scarred, and she wants the esteemed surgeon to smooth out the rough edges of her life. But the man she meets is nothing like the selfless surgeon Halle envisioned; he’s cold, bitter, and refuses to treat her without explaining why. Unfortunately for Dr. Potter, Halle has no intention of taking no for an answer, so she soon finds herself working for his brother, another surgeon in the office. Seeing each other every day makes the two realize that there’s something sizzling beneath the surface, and they might need to put each other’s broken pieces back together if they want to move forward themselves.

This definitely has a very different vibe than the last few books I read by Marie, but I was all too happy to go along for the ride. Dr. Potter is more of a jerk than a grump, but it’s easy to see that he’s hurting too – even doctors need to heal sometimes. Paired with the ever-optimistic Halle, they were sexual tension-fueled FIRE, and I loved the opposites attract dynamic. The steam was a little more intense than expected, as this doctor doesn’t give up control easily. That’s probably the only place where this wasn’t a total win for me; personal preference left me slightly uncomfortable with a few of the situations. That pales in comparison to my enjoyment of the rest of the book though, which was immensely compelling in its uniqueness. I’ve never read a romance quite like it, and that is always a major plus. Here’s hoping we get more of Dr. Potter’s brothers, who seem to have their own tortured pasts – I’m both nervous and excited for their stories, lol. I received an early copy via WordSmith Publicity and am voluntarily leaving a review of this forbidden romance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LHyaEO


From bestselling author Kristy Marie comes a brand new witty standalone about a grumpy doctor and his hopeful patient who find love in the unlikeliest of places… the exam room.

A brilliant surgeon.
A master sculptor.
The media touted Dr. Potter as a savior dressed in a crisp suit.
I think he’s a vicious madman of jerk-sized proportions.
But fate is a wicked tease.
Only Dr. Potter can give me what I need.
A fresh start.
A new identity.
But he refused, leaving me to take matters into my own hands by accepting a job as his partner’s new secretary.
Dr. Potter can’t turn down my case forever.
Or at least I thought so until I found him on the floor.
With a venomous warning… I failed to heed.

The Potter is a standalone grumpy-sunshine rom-dramedy.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LHyaEO

About the Author:

Kristy Marie is an international bestselling author who loves writing witty heroines and temperamental heroes. She is also a six-pack of abs biggest fan. When Kristy isn’t writing, she’s being a total dude and screaming at the TV while watching baseball. Go Braves!

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