⭐️⭐️⭐️ AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: The Enemy by Sarah Adams 🎧

I liked the general foundation of this cute rom com, but I HATED the heroine. With a passion. It’s as though this 30-something woman is back in high school as soon as her teenage nemesis reappears; she’s annoying, untrusting, and childish. And it goes on for MUCH longer than anticipated. So, while I loved the rom com vibes, the sweetness of the hero, and the overall tone, I could never truly settle in for a satisfying read. There are some great comedic moments, plenty of fun, and a fresh, easygoing vibe (with no steam) that works for the story. I liked the playful, low angst feel and enjoyed the hero. However, there are also some problematic situations, a cringeworthy backstory, and one troublesome heroine… so lots of mixed feelings overall. It’s still a decent read for rom com lovers – and a promising introduction to this new-to-me author’s work – but there were a lot of things that bugged me.

The story follows June and Ryan, two people who loved to pick on each other in high school. Back in the day, their feuding occasionally felt like flirting, but neither one was willing to say that aloud. June finally let down her guard around graduation, and was left feeling embarrassed when Ryan rejected her. They haven’t seen each other in years, but Ryan is back in town temporarily and he’d love to call a truce… and maybe do some real flirting. But June is more determined than ever to keep Ryan away, especially since her heart has taken some beatings since he left. As these two feuding frenemies try to figure out their present day dynamic, they discover that there might just be a reason why sparks always seem to fly between them.

For a book called The Enemy, this actually isn’t an enemies to lovers romance. Both June and Ryan have been secretly crushing on each other for years, and a simple conversation probably could’ve cleared that up. Which… isn’t my favorite dynamic. They’ve supposedly been harboring feelings for TWELVE years without doing anything about it, which just leads me to a lot of questions I don’t want to think about. Don’t get me started, lol. Regardless, I could’ve gotten over that if June had been tolerable. I liked Ryan a lot, and it’s easy to see that he’s trying. Their history definitely adds a richness to the story, and I liked that they had such strong reactions to each other. There’s also a fun foodie element to the story and lighthearted, PG vibes, which was cute and refreshing. I really enjoyed Adams’ writing style overall, so I’ll certainly be checking out more of her work. This particular storyline might’ve been a miss for me, but the writing itself was not.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vP7QTf

Audio Note:

The audio is well done! It’s dual narration with alternating scenes and no issues with the quality. The upbeat vibe lends itself well to audio, and the runtime is perfect for bingeing in one day. There’s zero steam, so this is a nice choice for the office too. I liked Lee Samuels’ voice quite a bit, and he has a great performance. I’ve never listened to anything from Connie Shabshab before, and I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about listening to her again, though it could just be the character. June’s personality is GRATING, and hearing her obnoxious demeanor in audio was… not fun. I can’t really blame Shabshab for that, but I have to imagine that the character might’ve been more palatable in text format. I don’t know. Overall, I’m neutral on the audio – it’s well done and certainly worth it for audiophiles, but there’s no easy way to listen to June.

Audiobook: https://amzn.to/3vTl2qo


Enemies should never get a second chance. But this one might…

It’s been twelve years since I’ve seen him. Twelve years since he won our war of wits by outsmarting me with a tactic I didn’t even know was allowed. But tonight…I resurrect the battle.

Ryan Henderson is back in town for our best friends’ wedding, and I plan on showing him exactly how much I don’t care about him—or the almost kiss he ruthlessly dangled over me after graduation. A lot has changed since our feuding days. I’m a successful bakery owner now, and I plan to rub every delicious detail of my life in his ugly face. Just one problem: his face is gorgeous. He wasn’t supposed to look like this or pursue me like a sexy guided missile. I must stay strong until the wedding is over and Ryan scurries back into whatever alternate universe he escaped from. His interest in me is nothing but a continuation of the games we played in high school…right?

But the longer he stays, the more I wonder if I’m wrong and his tender smile and heated attentions are genuine. Maybe it’s not a game. Ha! Who am I kidding? This is Ryan we’re talking about. Of course it’s a game. A game called war. And this time, I will win.

The Enemy is a feel-good, closed-door romantic comedy! Perfect for readers who enjoy sweet, sizzling chemistry with passionate kissing only.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vP7QTf

About the Author:

Born and raised in Nashville TN, Sarah Adams loves her family, warm days, and making people smile. Sarah has dreamed of being a writer since she was a girl, but finally wrote her first novel when her daughters were napping and she no longer had any excuses to put it off. 

Sarah is a coffee addict, a British history nerd, a mom of two daughters, married to her best friend, and an indecisive introvert. Her hope is to always write stories that make you laugh, maybe even cry; but always leave you happier than when you started reading.

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