⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Last on the List by Amy Daws 🎧

A sexy single dad who is a genuinely nice guy, but also kind of a possessive caveman? Yeah, that works for me! This hero steals the show with his combination of sweet and alpha/businessman and caveman, but I also loved the vibrant heroine who has unexpected sides of her own. The two make for a very compelling combination, and the boss/nanny/forbidden element really worked as well. It’s steamy fun, with a fling to more romance that slowly shifts into something deeper, and there’s never a dull moment along the way. The chemistry between our couple sizzled, and there are many, many fan-worthy moments. It’s the banter and playfulness that really stood out for me though; Max and Cozy have an instant spark between them, they just have very different attitudes. I enjoyed the boss/nanny dynamic, which felt different than the norm because of her age (26). Cozy is no young or timid heroine falling for the boss, she’s a strong and independent woman who knows exactly what she’s getting into… at least until she gets in over her head.

The story follows Max, a successful businessman who is excited to have his daughter full-time for the summer. He’s a great dad who takes the time to truly care about his daughter, but he does need a nanny to help carry the load. Unfortunately, they’ve been unable to find the perfect fit, and the hot mess of a woman who interviews last doesn’t seem to fit the bill either. But when Max’s daughter chooses Cassandra/Cozy, he finds himself hiring the seemingly carefree woman. Cozy isn’t the typical nanny, and her philosophy seems to be no planning, no worries. When she moves into the guest house, it immediately changes the dynamic, and it’s not long before Max finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Messing around with his nanny is a terrible idea, but something about Cozy brings out Max’s baser instincts.

It’s a steamy book with plenty of humor, and the tone remains light even when it tackles some difficult subjects. I kinda loved that we got these first impressions of Max and Cozy, and there was so much more swimming beneath the surface to discover throughout. Sure, we’ve gotten to see bits and pieces of Max throughout the series (absolutely not required reading), but I always pictured him as more of a serious businessman type. He’s a lot more fun here, and certainly more jealous/possessive than anyone would’ve guessed. Max and Cozy are awesome together, and it was really refreshing to see a guy loving and embracing his girl’s full figure. If anything, Cozy’s body just makes Max go into overdrive, lol. The story is not focused on her weight, which was great too. It was also not focused on Max’s backstory either, though I can certainly see how it shaped him into the man he is today. There were a couple of minor things that bugged me about that, but nothing major holding me back from enjoying the story. I’m usually not the biggest fan of “let’s bang out the attraction” storylines, but there was a lot more going on here, so it kept me hooked. This was another very solid installment in the series, though it’s also easy to read as a standalone – and here’s hoping it’s the start of a spinoff series.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lkDlOZ

Audio Note:

The audio was excellent! It definitely enhanced the story, and may have even pulled this from a strong 4 to a 5-star read for me. It’s dual narration, with Teddy Hamilton and Erin Mallon performing throughout. I’m a big fan of both, so their voices added a level of comfort and relaxation to the story… and a little extra heat during the steamy scenes! Which, yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this one for the office. It gets steamy and/or suggestive early on, and stays that way. The tone is perfect for audio though, and I really enjoyed the audio experience. This one is longer than some of the others in the series (11+ hours), so you might have trouble finishing in a single day, but I eagerly picked the book back up after every break – and that’s always a good sign.

Audiobook: https://amzn.to/3xVCXgV


Only a bad nanny knows what it’s like to kiss the boss.

CEO millionaire, Max Fletcher is a single dad in desperate need of a nanny.

Cozy Barlow is in the middle of her self-appointed “gap year” and doing everything she can to detach from her past.

But when her sister begs her to interview for the nanny position of a high maintenance client, she doesn’t have a good enough reason to say no.

And when Max locks eyes on the twenty-something in a tie-dye sweatsuit who pitches the idea of daydreaming all summer—he prepares to give this bad nanny the boot.

One problem: Max’s little girl thinks this plus-sized in body and spirit nanny might be her new bestie, so she hires her on the spot.

Now Max is stuck with this bizarre woman who hates everything he represents—corporate greed, money, status, power.

But one stormy night when the power goes out, he discovers Cozy doesn’t hate him. In fact, he’s the leading role in her fantasies. 

Fantasies, he would very much like to make a reality.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lkDlOZ


“So that’s really your proposal as the nanny to my daughter for the summer? To do nothing?” I ask dryly, hoping this Cassandra person has a backup response that she’s going to pull out of her back pocket at any moment to save this horrible interview. 

Cassandra nods proudly. “We’ll also do a lot of sitting. I’m an expert at sitting,” she deadpans. 

“Okay…I think we’ve heard enough, Cassandra.” I move to stand, but she reaches out and touches my arm, halting me in my tracks. 

“I said to call me Cozy,” she corrects with a wink. 

The teasing look in her eyes causes my skin to tighten. I do my best to shake it off as she refocuses on my daughter to share with her the last book that made her cry. Her hand slides off my arm, and my eyes lock on the way her index finger trails off the fabric of my suit. 

I’m left struggling to shake this silvery feeling her delicate touch has left on my arm, so I take a moment to inspect Cassandra a bit closer now that her focus is off me. Her facial features are round, a faint dimple appearing in her cheek as she talks animatedly to my daughter. Her alabaster skin is a stunning contrast to her nearly black hair cropped bluntly just above her shoulders. She has shockingly plump lips slathered in a pale pink gloss that thankfully doesn’t match the orange jumpsuit that looks like something a teenager would wear. Her ample curves indicate she’s very much not a child. 

“How old are you?” I blurt out in the middle of my interview with this bizarre potential nanny. I blanch at how unprofessional of a question that is and curse under my breath. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer that.” 

“I’m twenty-six, Big Daddy,” Cassandra replies with another wink and then immediately dives back into conversation with my daughter. 

Big Daddy? I frown at that very unpleasant label. Jesus Christ, she is so unprofessional. No fucking way…over my dead body. This will not work. I click my tongue and bring out my CEO voice. “Cassandra…I thank you for coming in, but I’m afraid—”

“You’re hired!” my daughter bursts out, standing up so she’s eye level with me. She thrusts her hand across my face and reaches for Cassandra’s, mimicking me to a T how I’ve handled many successful boardroom transactions. 

My mouth hangs open as I sit frozen, watching Cassandra stand in what feels like slow motion to take Everly’s hand and accept the offer. 

“This is so awesome!” Cassandra shakes Everly’s hand so hard, she starts to giggle. “This summer is going to be GOAT!” 

“Goats?” I exclaim, finally breaking free of my stunned-stupid response to my daughter taking over this meeting. How is Everly so charmed by this…this…I don’t even know what to call a person like Cassandra. “No one said anything about farm animals.” 

Cassandra and Everly burst out laughing like they’ve been buddies their entire life. Everly places her slender fingers on my shoulder in a way that makes me feel like the eleven-year-old in the room. “Dad, GOAT means greatest of all time.” 

My shoulders slump. “Oh.” 

Everly leans over to Cassandra and whispers loudly, “I’m so glad this worked out. If we didn’t hire someone today, my dad was totally going to get a case of his stress poops again.” 

“Everly!” My eyes fly wide when Cassandra turns her green gaze at me. I push a nervous hand through my hair and quickly rush out, “I don’t get stress poops. I don’t know what that kid’s talking about.”

Cassandra reaches out and pats me on the other shoulder. “Hey Mr. Fletcher, no judgment here. Maybe you should try some of that kombucha in the waiting room that you won’t let your staff have? It’s really good for the digestive system.” 

I groan and pinch the bridge of my nose. This summer is going to be a disaster.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lkDlOZ

Start the series today!

This series is easy to read in any order, but there are plenty of characters to tie everything together. I’ve personally enjoyed One Moment Please and Take a Number, and I might just need to sneak in the other two very soon! Each one has a unique meet cute, light and sexy rom com vibes, and plenty of chemistry.

Wait With Me Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Mjz0aJ
When romance novelist, Kate Smith, finds her long lost writing mojo in the customer waiting area of a tire store, the complimentary coffee isn’t the only things that’s hot. But sexy mechanic, Miles Hudson, is just up for a friendly test-drive of her new book idea. At least, that was the agreement…

Next In Line Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ModvFG
What happens when the cute mountain man you made out with in an ice fishing shack turns out to be your brother’s best friend?

One Moment Please Amazon: https://amzn.to/3l5Dvd5
That awkward moment when your doctor informs you that you’re pregnant…with his baby.
—– Read my 5-star audiobook review here

Take A Number
Fake dating the cute owner of a bakery Dean is an investor in sounds kind of messy…but messy can be fun.
—– Read my 5-star review here

Last on the List Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lkDlOZ

About the Author:

Number 1 Amazon Bestselling author Amy Daws writes spicy love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond. She’s most known for her footy-playing Harris Brothers and writing in a tire shop waiting room. When Amy is not writing, she’s likely making charcuterie boards from her home in South Dakota where she lives with her daughter and husband.

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