⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: So That Happened by Katie Bailey

Super cute! I’m someone who will read all heat levels when it comes to romance, but I’ve gotta admit that there was something so soft and wholesome about the vibe of this strangers to lovers rom com. With a very slow burn and only some sexy kisses, the story focuses on the feels and the emotional connection – and it’s got an exceedingly low angst vibe that made the whole experience easygoing and entirely light. No major drama, no major issues; just a lot of playfulness and an adorably sexy grump of a hero. It’s grumpy/sunshine, with an opposites attract dynamic that worked and a strangers-turned-boss/employee situation that was a lot of fun. I loved the humor, and it was the perfect introduction to this new-to-me author, with nothing big holding me back from enjoying the experience.

The story follows Annie, a hot mess of a woman who is uprooting her whole life because an office romance went all kinds of wrong. She’s moving out of state and starting up a new job, but she’ll need to get through the trip there first. When Annie is seated next to a buttoned-up grump, the two don’t make the greatest first impression on each other. So when a series of events leads them to sharing a cramped hotel room for the night (with only one bed, of course), it’s not the ideal situation for either of them. And when Annie walks into her new workplace on Monday morning, the situation goes from bad to worse when that buttoned-up grump turns out to be her new boss. But it’s not long before Annie realizes that she may have misjudged Liam; he’s an introvert who seems to get a little sweeter every time she sees him. There’s something about Annie that livens Liam up, and he loves the way he feels when he’s around her… but he’ll need to tread carefully if he hopes to start something up with an employee.

After reading a couple of angsty books in a row, I was looking for something light and funny – and this is exactly that. It had me smiling right away, and I loved how Annie throws Liam off-balance within minutes of meeting him. Having that forced proximity early on was great, which paved the way for their unusual office dynamic. I also found it so refreshing that Liam wasn’t a stern alphahole or anything of the sort; he’s actually a really nice guy who simply doesn’t give a very good first impression. He was also super respectful of Annie and understanding of the power imbalance between them (though his meddling family members were not), so the slow burn worked well. I wouldn’t have minded some steam (they only share a few kisses and cuddles), but having Liam be such a gentleman was also fun. Really, the only thing that holds me back from calling this a 5-star read is the fact that a few things could’ve been developed a little better. I kinda felt like I was reading the second book in a series (with Liam’s brother going first), but that doesn’t seem to be the case…? There were other things that felt underdeveloped too, but some of those would’ve detracted from that soft and easy vibe. I wouldn’t hesitate to check out more from Bailey in the future, this was very solid overall.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3NHNBwt


I spent the night with a hot, grumpy stranger in an airport hotel.

No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. It was just sleeping. And… maybe a little cuddling.

Long story short, I embarrassed the heck out of myself. But at least I never have to see him again.

Except the universe is clearly out to get me, because Monday morning, I arrive at my new job and who’s the first person I see?

Hot stranger himself: Liam Donovan.

AKA my new boss.

AKA Annie, you are so freaking screwed.

While the HR rulebook doesn’t explicitly say you can’t share a bed with your boss, I can read between the lines. And I need this job.

Which is why I have to pretend that night never happened. Luckily for me, sexy as Liam—excuse me, Mr. Donovan—is, he’s surly, rude and totally not my type.

Or so I keep telling myself.

Because I’m starting to think there’s a warm, gooey cinnamon roll with extra frosting lurking beneath that impressive, muscular form.

I promised I’d never choose between my career and love.

But when a scandal threatens to break, that promise could prove impossible to keep…

So That Happened is a laugh-out-loud funny, swoony, closed door romantic comedy. Expect some mild language and suggestive jokes coupled with tons of chemistry and tension, but no explicit scenes.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3NHNBwt

About the Author:

Katie Bailey writes rom coms to make you laugh, cry, then laugh until you cry again.

She’s a hopeless romantic, and her goal is to always write swoony, funny love stories with memorable characters and lots of heart. Oh, and good looking heroes, of course. 

If you like laugh out loud, quirky humor and tons of sizzle and chemistry in your closed-door romances, check out her debut series, Only in Atlanta, today!

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