⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Asher by Samantha Whiskey

Quick and steamy, this makes a great series starter, and a very solid introduction to this new-to-me author’s work. I’ve been meaning to check out Whiskey for awhile now, so I jumped at the chance to start a new series – and the vibe sounded right up my alley. Which it was! This opposites attract romance flew by, with a TON of spice to heat up the pages. Dare I say… too much spice? I would’ve traded a few of the (many) steamy scenes for more time spent on sexual tension early on, but it certainly satisfied my light and sexy craving. There are also lots of references to past series that make me curious about the characters, though this was very easy to read as a standalone.

The story follows Asher, a workaholic billionaire with a structured schedule. He’s an all-business kind of guy, except when he’s with his friends. Their poker game has gotten him into trouble in the past, and a recent dare threatens to throw his life into chaos. Somehow, Asher found himself agreeing to let a romance writer shadow him for a month – Daisy is working on a new series about billionaires, and she’d love to get some insight into his lifestyle. The only problem? Daisy is a sexy distraction, and spending his days with her causes Asher to lose focus. But these two opposites seem to complement each other perfectly, and Daisy might be exactly what Asher needs in his life.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into this, but it was a fun, low angst, high-heat treat. Asher has a more mellow personality than most billionaires I’ve met in books, but he’s a different guy when he’s with Daisy. I loved the tongue-in-cheek references to romance and self-publishing, which added a little something extra to the story. It was also a little different from the norm, so I couldn’t predict where the story would lead. I do wish that more time had been spent on pre-sex sexual tension and Daisy ruffling Asher’s feathers, but it was still a solid read. And if you’re looking for something that’s spicy and easy, then this is a good choice. I’m also interested in reading about some of Asher’s friends, so this was definitely a win overall.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zBZU8M


From Amazon top ten bestselling author Samantha Whiskey comes the billionaire, opposites attract romance you won’t want to miss!

I execute many roles: owner of the NHL’s Carolina Reapers, CFO of Silas Tech, and genuine fan of all things professional sports.

One thing I’m not?


I’ve made my billions off of structure, discipline, and very little risk.

So when a friend asks if bombshell romance author Daisy Lewis can shadow me for a month while researching characters for her upcoming release, I don’t hesitate to say yes.

I mean, she’s an author, it’s ninety percent typing and quiet time, right?


Daisy’s a hurricane storming through my regimented days. 

She’s as gorgeous as she is sharp, and has a mouth on her I can’t stop obsessing over.

And the stuff she writes? I’ve taken more than one cold shower just from reading over her shoulder.

We couldn’t be more different, and yet, I find myself fascinated with every surprise she throws my way.

Our chemistry is a firestorm, but we live in different worlds.

Mine is scheduled down to the minute and hers is wherever her passions take her.

There is no way we fit together, but that doesn’t stop me from falling head over heels.

And when our two worlds clash on every level, I’ll lose her forever if I can’t manage the one thing I can’t handle—change.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zBZU8M

About the Author:

Samantha Whiskey is a Top 10 Amazon Bestselling Author. She’s also a wife, mom, lover of her dogs and romance novels. No stranger to hockey, hot alpha males, and a high dose of awkwardness, she tucks herself away to write books her PTA will never know about.

To keep up to date with her latest sexy little reads, join her mailing list at http://bit.ly/2yrdfjV or text SAMANTHA to 77222 to be the first to know about new releases!

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