⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: The Fiction Between Us by Julie Olivia

Lighthearted fun, this was just as bingeable as the first book in the series, with plenty of sparring that felt like sparks of attraction. It’s low angst and easygoing, featuring a theme park princess and her best friend’s brother – the one who infuriates her by existing. These two had great chemistry, and it was easy to see all of the ways they were perfect together. Plus, the hero is a cinnamon roll sweetheart, a giant teddy bear of a man who is irresistibly adorable. Pair that with a fun friend group and the perfect setting for this interconnected series of rom coms, and I had no trouble devouring it in one sitting. My only issues are very minor – it could’ve dug a little deeper – so I have no qualms about giving this an easy 5-star rating.

The story follows Quinn, a woman who spends her days playing a queen at a theme park. She’s gotten comfortable in the role, despite the fact that her real life disposition isn’t always sunny. Unfortunately, the bane of her existence – her best friend’s brother, Landon – started working as a security guard at the park recently. So when Landon accidentally crashes Quinn’s performance and the tourists mistake him for the queen’s beau, it complicates Quinn’s life. Landon’s appearance was so popular that the obvious next step is to make it a regular thing, but that means spending more time with the man who made Quinn’s high school life unbearable. But as the two spend more time putting on a show, Quinn realizes that she might’ve misjudged Landon… and that reality might be a little closer to the fiction they’ve been creating.

Easy to read as a standalone, but more fun if you’ve read the first book in the series, this was exactly what I was hoping for – a light, sexy rom com with just a hint of angst. In this case, Landon is the sunshine and Quinn is the grump, which made for a great dynamic. And I loved the history between them, which made the fast-moving (but slow burn) story work. It’s obvious that there are still messy feelings between them that have been lingering since their budding friendship in high school was quickly cut short, and I thought they made a good couple. Landon was super cute, and his determination to make things work was a win. I will say that this could’ve delved deeper into a few things, particularly Quinn’s battle with depression, but that might detract from the low angst, bingeable quality. I’ve got no complaints though; this was cute with a little bite of sizzle.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3DNz1Cu


Some fairytales may be real, but ours is strictly fiction.

I’ve been Queen Bee at our theme park for ten glorious, uncomplicated years. I’m far better at creating fictional magic than real life miracles. So when Landon Arden, my best friend’s twin brother and my old high school bully, starts to work at Honeywood, I’m wishing for some gift from above to fix this mess.

Cue a worse situation.

After Landon falls on stage during one of our shows, the guests mistake him for a character in the park: Ranger Randy.

The problem isn’t when our manager asks him to perform as the bearded, tight tush, short shorts-wearing hero. No, my fairytale comes crashing down when we’re told that Queen Bee and Ranger Randy must appear as a couple.

Fine. Whatever. Ten years ago, my teenage crush for Landon may have been real, but I can fake a happy ending with Ranger Randy. I can sign autographs with him, have his arm around my waist, hold his hand, and… kiss him on stage?

I tell myself it’s all for show. We’re just characters in a theme park. And I won’t fall for true love’s kiss, even if I do want to try it one more time…

The Fiction Between Us is a stand-alone romantic comedy. This tale features fake dating (with a twist!), a grumpy/sunshine duo with a happy-go-lucky hero, lots of laugh-out-loud theme park shenanigans, and sizzling spice!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3DNz1Cu

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The moment we meet, it’s all downhill.

My job is providing happiness and smiles at Honeywood Fun Park, and Emory Dawson is the frown our park didn’t ask for.

When our star roller coaster malfunctions with me on board, the manufacturer’s heir and lead engineer, Emory, vows to renovate the attraction. So instead of having a fun summer season as Marketing Manager for Honeywood, I’m now saddled with playing host.


Emory is the opposite of a good time. He’s the grump that won’t stop grumping, and our arguments escalate quicker than my heart rate after a roller coaster’s fall.

He knows I can see right through his broody gaze and big ideas. Repairing the coaster? More like overhauling his own company’s reputation, regardless of whether it helps our local theme park.

But when our firm handshakes start lingering too long, or when his muscled thighs rest against mine under the table, I’m thrown for a loop.

Most roller coasters are fun, but I’d like to get off this emotional one, please.

All Downhill With You is a stand-alone romantic comedy. This book is an enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine romance with laugh-out-loud theme park moments, a cozy small town, and sizzling spice!

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/3GSqddY

About the Author:

Julie Olivia writes stories filled with quippy banter, saucy bedroom scenes, and nose-snort laughs that will give you warm fuzzies in your soul. She likes thick blankets, really fast roller coasters, lemon-filled donuts, and imagining cozy towns with tight-knit friend groups and lots of dirty talking men.

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband who has a swoon-worthy low voice and their cat, Tina, whose meows are not swoony one bit.

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