COVER REVEAL: Heartsong Duet by Jennifer Hartmann

Jennifer Hartmann wrote one of the most powerful romances I’ve read, (ever) and she’s got an angsty duet on the way soon! We don’t know much about An Optimist’s Guide to Heartbreak and A Pessimist’s Guide to Love yet, but what we know so far has me very excited. I still think about The Wrong Heart every time I see Hartmann’s name, and here’s hoping that this is even half as good! Read on for details about the duet – both releasing in January. I’ve got details about The Wrong Heart too!


From USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Hartmann, comes a brand new, heartfelt, two-book romance series.

There once was a girl with fireflies in her eyes and music in her soul.

(Remember her… she’s important.)

She’s the reason I panic-bought the little brick house on Maple Street; the one I lived next door to for eight magical years. Now that I’m back digging up floorboards and lost journals, I can’t stop thinking about the two people who grew up here.

You see, that girl was my best friend, and this house was once hers. She also had a big brother who was my everything before circumstance turned us into nothing more than memories.

That’s why I applied for a job at his auto shop—unprepared to discover that my new boss, Cal Bishop, is now gruff, built, and covered in tattoos.

I’m the sun to his overcast sky. The smile to his surly solitude.

A reminder of everything he longs to forget.

But my heart has a secret, and we’re running out of time to fix our torn pages.

Maybe… the same girl who used to be the glue still holds the key to putting our pieces back together.

(See? I told you she was important.)





Office romance

Best friend’s brother

Virgin heroine

Motorcycle riding, tattooed hero

Slow burn

M/F, no cheating/sharing, no OW/OM drama, and no playboy hero

Dual POV – majority of book one is heroine, and book two is 50/50

While you wait!

If you haven’t tried Hartmann’s writing yet and are in the mood to have your emotions wrecked, then check out The Wrong Heart! It’s one of my top three books of 2021, and it crushed my soul like no other… before putting it back together again, of course.

My review begins with: This book… destroyed me. It’s powerful. It’s devastating. It’s utterly romantic. And it will stay with me for a very long time…. Read the review here

When my husband died, he left my broken heart behind.

He left another heart behind, too—his.

I know it’s wrong. I shouldn’t be contacting the recipient of my husband’s heart. I don’t even expect him to reply…

But there’s a desperate, twisted part of me that hopes he will.

No names.
No personal details.

Just a conversation.

The only thing I have left of my husband is inside him.

WARNING: This book contains heavy themes, such as loss of a loved one and suicide. Please read responsibly.

Read the review here


About the Author:

Jennifer Hartmann resides in northern Illinois with her husband and three children. When she is not writing love stories, she is capturing them through wedding photography with her own personal romance hero. She enjoys sunsets (because mornings are hard), bike riding, traveling, and that time of day when coffee gets replaced by wine. Jennifer loves tacos, and she really, really wants to pet your dog. Xoxo


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