SNEAK PEEK REVIEW: Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score


It was great to be back in Knockemout – this sequel did NOT disappoint! I think I liked it better than the first one, and that was very tough competition. There was just something immensely compelling about this wounded and vulnerable hero; he’s a genuinely good guy who is in a dark place, and it’s not until a fierce, fiery woman enters his life that he starts coming back into the light. I also loved the neighbors aspect, and just how much this community bonds together. It could certainly be read as a standalone if you really wanted to, but the community is integral to the story and the suspense element ties the books together. The romance is at the heart of everything though, and these two were fire together – it’s a hot slow burn, with crackling chemistry and tons of sexual tension. These opposites attract in a big way, and it was so much fun watching them fall together.

The story follows Nash, a cop who was recently shot while on the job. Nash has always been a rule-follower, a relationship guy, and a kind, loving man – but the experience has changed him, and he can feel himself getting pulled into the darkness. So when the woman his brother dated briefly twenty years ago (then befriended) moves into the apartment next door, it’s a shock to the system. Lina is only in town temporarily and she’s sure to run at the first sign of a relationship, but Nash can feel himself being drawn to her. The woman is a spitfire, and that’s exactly what Nash needs right now. Being around her sparks something inside Nash, and he can’t seem to get enough of that feeling. Even if they could stop bickering, neither one is capable of a relationship at the moment – and there are nothing but obstacles in their path.

This starts out a little darker and grittier than Things We Never Got Over, with an undercurrent of pain fueling Nash’s every action. He’s not in a good place when the book begins, and I kind of loved the added depth that gave the story. Spending time with Lina lightens up both Nash and the book, though it’s emotionally-charged the whole way through. The transformation of both characters from start to finish was truly impressive, and one of the things that makes this love story so engaging. They’re two people who shouldn’t fit together (and probably wouldn’t have at another time in their lives), but they find connection in the experiences that have lead them here. Nash makes for SUCH a great lead – he’s clearly a good guy, but his depression is erasing the personality he once had. I loved the focus on his mental health, and I wanted as much of that element as I could get. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded less suspense and more focus on Nash’s struggles, but I knew this had romantic suspense elements going in. It tells you just how much I was enjoying the relationship development that I became impatient every time the focus was on something else, lol. I loved being back in Knockemout, and this did plenty to get me excited for the next love story in the series. It was excellent. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy (huge thanks!), and am voluntarily leaving a review of this spicy and emotional romance.

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Bestselling author Lucy Score returns to Knockemout, Virginia, following fan-favorite Things We Never Got Over with Knox’s brother Nash’s story.

Nash Morgan was always known as the good Morgan brother, with a smile and a wink for everyone. But now, this chief of police is recovering from being shot and his Southern charm has been overshadowed by panic attacks and nightmares. He feels like a broody shell of the man he once was. Nash isn’t about to let anyone in his life know he’s struggling. But his new next-door neighbor, smart and sexy Lina, sees his shadows. As a rule, she’s not a fan of physical contact unless she initiates it, but for some reason Nash’s touch is different. He feels it too. The physical connection between them is incendiary, grounding him and making her wonder if exploring it is worth the risk.

Too bad Lina’s got secrets of her own, and if Nash finds out the real reason she’s in town, he’ll never forgive her. Besides, she doesn’t do relationships. Ever. A hot, short-term fling with a local cop? Absolutely. Sign her up. A relationship with a man who expects her to plant roots? No freaking way. Once she gets what she’s after, she has no intention of sticking around. But Knockemout has a way of getting under people’s skin. And once Nash decides to make Lina his, he’s not about to be dissuaded…even if it means facing the danger that nearly killed him.

Releases on February 21st – preorder today!


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Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: Alone. Unless you count his basset hound, Waylon.

Knox doesn’t tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride.

Naomi wasn’t just running away from her wedding. She was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin to Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges town where disputes are settled the old-fashioned way…with fists and beer. Usually in that order.

Too bad for Naomi her evil twin hasn’t changed at all. After helping herself to Naomi’s car and cash, Tina leaves her with something unexpected. The niece Naomi didn’t know she had. Now she’s stuck in town with no car, no job, no plan, and no home with an 11-year-old going on thirty to take care of.

There’s a reason Knox doesn’t do complications or high-maintenance women, especially not the romantic ones. But since Naomi’s life imploded right in front of him, the least he can do is help her out of her jam. And just as soon as she stops getting into new trouble he can leave her alone and get back to his peaceful, solitary life.

At least, that’s the plan until the trouble turns to real danger.

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About the Author:

Lucy Score is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She grew up in a literary family who insisted that the dinner table was for reading and earned a degree in journalism. 

She writes full-time from the Pennsylvania home she and Mr. Lucy share with their obnoxious cat, Cleo. When not spending hours crafting heartbreaker heroes and kick-ass heroines, Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym. 

She hopes to someday write from a sailboat, oceanfront condo, or tropical island with reliable Wi-Fi.

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